Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Is Where the Fleas Are


The fleas.

I may never get to stamp again because the war against the fleas is not going so well. Oh, how the time spent on this is getting truly out of hand! But you don't want to hear about that, so here's a happy little card about a home with no fleas.

I made this card for Operation Write Home (hence the patriotic color scheme) using the wonderful set Home Sweet Home from Dare 2B Artzy. I love the combination of straight lines and curvy swirls. So very pretty!

I combined the tallest, skinniest bird house in the set with the short, wide "Home" and brought the two together with the underline of "...is where the heart is." Putting all three so close together unifies the card nicely, I think.

And now I'm off to kill more fleas. Wish me luck.

stamps: Dare 2B Artzy Home Sweet Home
ink: VersaColor or VersaMagic, not sure which
paper: Papertrey Ink white
accessories: none


  1. Sweet card. Good luck with the fleas.

  2. exterminator? I rented a house once where the dog had fleas but had left the house. OMG, those fleas attacked me. the owners had me call an exterminator and took the dog to the vet. no more fleas...

    1. They are in the yard, Joan. And we have a BIG yard. Leisure Lawn treated it once, but I am pretty sure they forgot the mulch in their treatment. We washed her in flea shampoo last night and swear she was flea-free. When she came in from outside, we picked 16 fleas off of her. I set up flea traps again last night and caught nothing. The stuff the vet gave us is good, and I'll treat the inside of the house again today for the second time, but that yard is hoppin' with fleas and desperately needs more chemicals!

  3. Very cool design - LOVE it!

    Have you tried Tea Tree oil - I have heard it (amongst it's many uses) that it is good as a flea repellent. Just out a few drops on his collar. Maybe even spraying some around the outside door will help too? It's very strong and may need to be diluted.

  4. Love the idea of the bird house combined with that sentiment!

    I can totally relate to your battle as I'm battling fleas too - I swear I bath one dog and all the fleas jump off her onto her brother and then the minute I pop him into the tub, they jump back to the girl I just bathed! It's the worst year I've ever known for fleas.

  5. Oh, Susan, us too with the fleas. The wild rabbits have taken over the neighborhood. The squirrels are rampant too. We did the Scotts flea, tick, etc. sprinkle it yourself, this year. And it worked earlier, when the fleas were first out. It's horrible now. I bathed the chis a couple of days ago, 3 times with Equate brand head and shoulders and got bugs falling off of them with each shampooing. Sprayed them with Hartz and put the good stuff on them at the key points, but it usually takes at least a month to start working. Then they come in with huge fleas after they have gone out to potty. Salt will kill them if you have carpet, it will also draw moisture into your carpet too. I'm using the Hartz home spray, not sure it's working. We probably need to bomb and run around for a day, and not breathe it.

  6. I loved your card too, but Google wouldn't let me say so, if you pause you loose. It's about as convenient as not being able to upload videos to Youtube with ios7 update on ipad and not a single soul there knows how to fix it? Thirty days without uploading? Yep. I nice, nice, talked them a few days ago and it appeared they did something and I uploaded 1 video, then right back to square one. Between them and the fleas, it's about to drive me to drinking. I guess I should just go craft. LOL


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