Monday, October 14, 2013

Need Me Some Peace

Life's gone a tad wackadoodle in the past five days. Found out I have some pretty significant allergies that need to be addressed immediately (including dust mites and dog, the second of which is pretty non-negotiable since Daisy is family and also a furry golden retriever). This means my washing machine has been running non-stop, as has my vacuum cleaner (which fortunately has a hepa filter). It's quite overwhelming.

Also, said dog is a sad dog because she has fleas.

I hate fleas.

I need peace. And also chemical warfare.

Like I said, wackadoodle.

So here's me some peace, courtesy of Papertrey's Snowflake Serenade.

The three snowflakes form a visual triangle and balance the lovely cursive peace sentiment. Shimmery Brilliance ink and clear rhinestones add some interest, as do the two rounded corners. This is a great card idea for someone who might not be having a very merry Christmas...say, someone who's lost a loved one or a job or is unwell.

Nothing feels quite as sad as getting cheerful cards when you're feeling blue.

And now I'm off to kill some more fleas. Wish me luck 'cause those pests are nasty!

stamps: Papertrey Snowflake Serenade
ink: Brilliance
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: corner rounder and rhinestones


  1. I love the swirls on the sentiment. They give nice movement to your card. The snowflakes are so pretty, and I love the rhinestones. This card is definitely soothing and peaceful. Good luck with your elegies and the fleas.

  2. Beautiful, serene card. I love the blue tones. Good luck with the fleas!!

  3. The card is beautiful--lovely and serene.

    I'm sorry about the allergies--how dreadful.

    As for the fleas, there was a period of about a month when I was bathing dogs and vacuuming nearly daily. (We have two black cats and two bunnies as well, so we figured we had little flea bundles there.) I was at my wits' end and a friend suggested Comfortis. It's a delightful (yet insanely expensive) pill you give the dog. The fleas bite the dog and die pretty much instantly, thereby eliminating the life cycle of laying eggs, etc. By dosing the dogs with the Comfortis and treating the flea harbingers with topical stuff, we are now (thankfully!) flea-free.

    Good luck!

  4. This is sooooooooooo beautiful :)

  5. Feel better. I had my first allergies in probably 20 years this year and they suck. On the up side, no fleas in Utah.

  6. I'm sorry about the allergies, as a year long sufferer I know how miserable it is. I'm basically allergic to nature. You can live with a pet you are allergic to if you work at it. You can google information, but first kill them fleas! Great peaceful card, think of all those soft, pretty, fluffy snowflakes killing off all the fleas!

  7. Cute card! I have allergies too, hate them, but if you can stay ahead of them with some simple OTC meds and vitamin C they should just stay at the irritating level and not escalate to sinus infections and what not...
    Also good luck with ousting the fleas. We have an English Mastiff (who is 165lbs of shedding hair and dander, LOL) who is one of the most awesome dogs ever and it took us 6 months to get rid of the fleas completely. It was kind of a nightmare so I really hope you have better luck than we did. It was also our weather that made it hard to get rid of them as we live in Texas, LOL! Love your blog, and hope you have a wonderful day!


  8. A lovely, serene card, Susan ... hope you're soon feeling this way! Good luck evicting the fleas! Anita :)

  9. Lovely card Susan! Best of luck getting rid of those pesky buggars! When we had them in our house some time back, I was the ONLY human being bitten...of course! I always walked around the house with long pants on tucked into my socks! :)

  10. Oh no, "may the force be with you" and that things settle down soon - very soon. Sorry about the allergies :(

    The card - absolutely beautiful!

  11. Love your beautiful card! So sorry to hear of your dog allergies and the fleas. You are still your funny self, saying you need peace AND chemical warfare. And you are still your sensitive self, pointing out that a card that says, "Peace" is a good one for someone who might be going through a hard time at the holidays.


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