Monday, October 21, 2013

Soft and Subtle Coloring

I'll admit that when I bought the Elegant Florals set from Gina K Designs, I bought it for the solid images, not the outlines. But of course, I have to use every image in the set before I can put it away with all my other stamps.

That's Stamp Rule #1 in the LateBlossom Craft Room: all new stamp images must be used before being stored with the rest of the stamps.

So I made a very simple trio of cards using each of the outline flowers in the set. Appropriately enough, they are made with Gina K's Deluxe White Card Stock...a lovely, coated card stock that will not bleed through no matter how much you color on it with Copics, Bics, or Sharpies!

The coloring was done with Copic markers...the very lightest shades I own of pink, purple, yellow, and green, with only hints of the next darkest shade.

The cards are folded on the left because I originally thought to wrap some ribbon around the left side, but once they were made, I decided against it. This simple layout works just fine without embellishment.

And let me say that the fonts of the sentiments work very well with the outline images. Elegant and readable. I like that.

Furthermore, it's a good thing I'm not a dude, because if I were to send that calla lily card to someone with that particular sentiment, it might seem a little naughty.

But then, I'm an English major.


stamps: Gina K Elegant Florals
ink: Memento
paper: Gina K Deluxe White
accessories: Copic markers


  1. Lovely cards. Do you do much colouring? I have followed your blog for a while, but I don't remember seeing coloured cards. Is your Copic collection very large? I'd love to know how you select your colours. I haven't tried Copics yet. I'm overwhelmed by all the colours, the technique and (I have to admit) the price. LOL

    1. Diana, I do have some Copics, but more Bics and Sharpies. I'll try to do a post on these with some links to my earlier posts on the subject.

  2. OMG, Susan. Not calla lilies too!!!

    My first thought when I saw the card was "I wonder if Susan... nah."

    I really truly should have known better. Now I've gotta clean the Diet Pepsi off my laptop.

    1. So sorry, dear. Calla lilies and pears...I just can't help myself.

  3. Okay, 1) the cards are stunning. LOVE them! 2) What uncbballfan said!!!!! And now for my own dirty little secret: you know the set Dot Spot from PTI? Well, every time I see the bigger circles with bling in the center, all I can think of is boobs. Quite ruined the set for me.
    Sarah (kegbo)

  4. I went there too with the Calla Lily. I have quite a few copics. I have rules about buying them. They have to be on sale! I bought quite a few through ebay. Amazon has sets now that are a bit cheaper. Once I started using them I discovered that I needed a light colors more than the darker ones. And you steered me to the Gina K paper quite awhile ago. It is wonderful!

  5. Lovely cards and I enjoyed all the previous links to your past posts. It was a great reminder that things can be done easily and still look lovely. You had me with the 'pears' but now the Calla lilies! Is there anything else that I need to look out for. Love it.

  6. Elegant and gorgeous! You may not like to color but you do well with it when you do dabble.

  7. I SPEWED ALL OVER MY COMPUTER at your last comment about the calla lilly!! Bwaahahahahahha!!!! Thanks for the chuckle today


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