Saturday, June 18, 2016

Crayon Crazy, and Some Thank-You Messages

Remember the joy of opening a new box of crayons? The smell, the perfect points, the unbroken wrappers, the cool names? The supreme satisfaction of the "big box" with the built-in sharpener?

Oh, yeah.

And periwinkle is still around and still my favorite.

While coloring with crayons may not hold the same appeal at nearly 50 as it did at 5, we grown-ups can play with watercolor crayons with the same joy and abandon.

I scribbled random lines on a scrap of paper, brushed it with a wet brush to smear the colors, and let it dry. Green and blue together are my favorites! They provide a simple yet whimsical backdrop for this birthday sentiment from Gina K.  Crisp yet soft, simple yet interesting...and just plain fun!

The paper is Papertrey's white card stock, not watercolor paper. It did warp a bit, but gluing it to craft foam and then a heavy card base of Papertrey card definitely flattens it out nicely.

You can customize the colors to match the recipient's favorites. Just use a nice, dense pigment-based, opaque black or brown ink for the sentiment so it pops off the background. I use Memento Luxe tuxedo black or rich cocoa for such purposes.

Now for the thank-you messages. Several kind people have sent or given me handmade cards lately, so I wanted to share them with you.

Sue W. sent me this crisp and clean card with an assortment
of stenciled panels to use on cards. What a pretty and thoughtful gift!

Lisa I. made this card out of recycled tea-bag packages. What a perfect
backdrop for the fan die-cut panel!

Patti M. wished me and George a happy anniversary with this debossed
beauty. It was hard to capture the debossing in a photo, but it's truly
a lovely CAS card! 

This woven stunner was made by a fellow Stephen Minister, Linda,
who also happens to be a professional counselor and art therapist. 

The folded pentagon was tucked inside the heart pouch.

Unfolded, the pentagon reveals the sentiment! So sweet!

Many thanks to Sue, Lisa, Patti, and Linda for sharing your art with me in such kind ways.


  1. I still love to color and have been known to buy coloring books for me (and not the adult coloring books that are all the rage now).
    I need to remember this technique! It is a great one!

  2. Oh the 64 pack!!!! Thanks for the memories of that yellow box with the sharpener built in!

  3. what a fun crayon birthday card.
    I'm so happy you received my thank you card and hope you have fun with the panels.
    stamping sue

  4. In MY day we did not have the built in sharpener. But ahhh, yes, the smell of new crayons! Magenta was my favorite as a child. And I usually outlined in black. LOL


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