Friday, June 24, 2016

Mother Nature Gets All PMS-y

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Wow. The past 36 hours have been, well, challenging. We had a horrid storm blow through at 3:00 AM Thursday morning, killing power and taking down trees all across our town. Thank God there were no reports of injuries, but roads were closed, trees and limbs and shredded leaves all over the place, houses with shutters gone or hanging half off. It was Mother Nature on a serious PMS rant.

Our house was one of the luck last 100 in the area to have power restored 32.5 hours after it went out (today around 11:30). Needless to say, the contents of my fridge are trashed...and some of what was in the freezer. We are just so grateful that our house had no damage and that we have a finished basement with beds and sofas that provided a cool, comfortable place to crash when temperatures soared upstairs.

So if you're wondering why I didn't post last night, now you know. No weefees, as we say in our house.

Now that I'm back on the grid and rolling in weefees, let's take a look at a kinder side of Mother Nature with today's card, another one featuring Papertrey's Birds of a Feather combined with Turning a New Leaf (also by Papertrey).

This arrangement--so organic and flowing--seemed to need some angles to frame it, so I layered three white mats underneath. Love the effect!

This card is appropriate today, though it makes me sad. For you Methodists out there, you'll get where I'm coming from. Our pastor received a new appointment this morning and will be leaving our church as of July 24th. Ugh. I love this woman, her leadership, her kindness, her sermons. God is leading her elsewhere, and He will no doubt take care of the flock at our church with a worthy successor. But I'm grieving an ending right now and will grieve properly before celebrating a new beginning.

May Mother Nature be kind to you as her oxytocin levels rise, and may your new beginnings not be preceded by sadness.

And that's all I have to say about that.

stamps: Papertrey Birds of a Feather, Turning a New Leaf
ink: Impress Fresh pool, grass; VersaMagic jumbo java
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: none, unless you count glue


  1. Gorgeous card, Susan.
    Your stories indicate there's always two sides to everything: a positive and a negative side. You cannot have one without the other.

  2. So glad that you are okay, and also that you were able to post!

  3. Love the extra mats! Glad to hear you were spared any damage or major inconvenience. And changes are oh so hard sometimes, aren't they? Even when they are for good reasons *sigh*

  4. Being a life-long Methodist I can imagine how you feel. I've had the feeling several time, usually works out OK but change can be a challenge. (going thru this now as July 1 is our Conference change-date)

  5. Your card is so pretty. I love the matting. I'm glad you came through the storm without damage to your home. I can't imagine going without power for that long.

  6. Our power's been out twice today for 3 hour blocks of time - but your losses make mine look paltry. Sorry about your food (although it's easily replaceable in N.A.). Losing a gifted pastor is much more difficult. I hope that she blesses her new church as she's blessed your's, and also that you receive another (equally gifted and blessed!) pastor soon!


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