Monday, June 6, 2016

Metallic Pens: Part 1

A note for email subscribers: this is Monday's second post. Please scroll down to read my correction on the story of the Dippy Dave. 

It's no secret that metallic pens are one of my favorite stamp accessories...if only for providing a crisp outline for white-on-white layering. So today's post is the first in a short series highlighting various ways of designing with broad-tip metallic pens.

Reasons I Love Metallic Markers

  1. Metallic markers provide opaque coverage, so they are perfect for edging stamped panels or masked areas because they will provide a clean line over every ink I've used.
  2. They are easy to use and quick-drying. 
  3. They last a long time. 
  4. They are inexpensive and provide big bang for the buck.
  5. A touch of silver or gold can really make a design special.
  6. The fine tip markers work great for labelling the black tops of spice bottles that must be stored in a drawer. Sure makes finding the right spices easier!
Okay, that last tip didn't have anything to do with stamping, but some of you might appreciate it. 

For today's card, I used a combination of gold metallic marker and Delicata silver ink. The results are shimmery and fun!

To make spacing the lines easier, I drew pencil lines and then lined up a metal ruler with the lines. There's a little bobble on the middle line (see? there on the left?), but that was my fault. I got cocky and didn't make sure the pen was on the edge of the paper before drawing the line. When I went back to fix it...well, you see the result. If you exercise a modicum of care and don't rush, that won't happen.

As for the design, the little starbursts provide a nice visual triangle and move your eye around the otherwise static design. Movement is good. Static is bad.

Helpful Tips: The lines dry quickly but NOT instantly, so pause a few seconds before moving the ruler. Also, don't let the inked edge of the ruler touch your paper...the ink will dry more slowly on the metal. Rub the ruler with a damp cloth between applications to remove most of the ink from the ruler's edge so you won't have to worry about layers of build-up ruining the straight edge.

stamps: Papertrey Birthday Bash Sentiments
ink: Delicata silver
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: gold metallic marker, metal ruler


  1. love the card. mixing silver and gold is fantastic

  2. What a luxurious looking card, fab work


  3. What metallic markers do you use/like?

    1. Please see the next post! It's even got pictures!

  4. Those metallic lines look brilliant, do I dare???

  5. Is there a brand...maybe in Part II? You have my attention....


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