Sunday, June 19, 2016

Getting Unexpectedly Technique-y

I've shared before that, in my early days of paper crafting, I tried every technique under the sun. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but boy howdy did I try a lot of techniques. Making a modern-art inspired card made me unexpectedly experimental, and I tapped into my olden days of messy techniques. Today's cards are the shimmery results.

Stamp: Gina K

I love how this panel looks a bit like confetti!

Stamps: Papertrey Scripted

This sentiment seemed appropriate for the green and blue

wax paper
Twinkling H2O paints, assorted colors
watercolor paint brush
Papertrey card stock

How to Make:
1. Wet the paint with a brush to create a pool of thickish paint in the pot.
2. Dab the thickish paint onto the card stock. Be loose and free with it, and don't try cover the whole piece at once. Layering creates a nicer effect.
3. Take a small piece of wax paper, press it into the paint, and peel it off. Discard the wax paper'll make a mess if you reuse it!
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the same color, or vary the colors, until you are satisfied with the result. Note that the more you dab and press, the smoother the results will be.

1. You could, of course, use a piece of transparency and clean it between each pressing. But I liked using the wax paper and discarding. It was easy, and working on such small pieces meant tearing small pieces of wax wasn't much overall.
2. Keep a damp washcloth close at hand to keep your hands and workspace clean. This is a messy technique.
3. The wet panel will curl (that's inevitable, even if you use watercolor paper). But I just glued it to craft foam and then to a heavy card base, and they flattened out nicely.
4. Stamp over the background using thick pigment inks. I used Memento Luxe rich cocoa and tuxedo black. They give nice coverage.
5. This would work with any thickish paint or ink. The more opaque, the more "blotchy" the effect would be. Twinkling H2Os are watercolors, so there's a translucence to them even when they are thick. It would be fun to experiment with different media!

What do you think?


  1. so fun to play, love the technique and results

  2. That sounds like fun, will try it at some point. I especially love your blue/green card!

  3. I love this. Very clean and simple. What is the size of the mini card?
    Thanks, phyllis

  4. Love the look of your panels, esecially the first one. When I first saw it, I thought you had been playing with alcohol inks. Will have to dig up the few sparkling H2Os that I have to see if I can make this work.
    Kali evdomada! Have a good week!

  5. Ooh! Artsy fartsy! I like it!!! :-) The sparkle is beautiful!

  6. I love this look!! Your instructions were great but this would've been brilliant as a video tutorial! :D

    Roni xo

  7. These are beautiful! I can handle a small amount of messy techniques! Thanks for the impiration! I will get out my dusty, unloved Twinkling H2O paints!


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