Monday, January 17, 2011

Typewriters and Opinions--Edited

Lindsey asked if I purchased the antique typewriter while buying the antique phone set from Hero Arts. Of course. I'm a writer who started out on a turquoise manual typewriter, so I had to pick something typewriter-ish!

There are several sets with typewriters at Hero right now, as well as a background stamp. I got the unmounted rubber set with the really big typewriter. Here's a girl card made with it:

Here's a card for a dude:

How-To Tips: I stamped the paper portion of the image on scrap paper, added the sentiment in a different color, cut it out, and laid it over the same image stamped on the card base, using a dimensional under the top of the sheet and glue on the bottom part. I LOVE this, but seriously, that image is huge. It'll take a little more creativity to come up with another layout for it.

So, now that you've had a few days to think about what you'd like to see on Simplicity this year, please share. Thanks so much for all of your comments already. For those of you who don't want me to change a thing, please don't worry. I'm not looking to change so much as to tweak. And thank you for loving Simplicity just the way it is.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1. I'd like to do more CASifications (simplifying more embellished cards from magazines), but I've been feeling a little flat on that for a while. Must shake myself up for that, but only if you want them.

2. I'd like to do more challenges. Edited to add: That means participate in more challenges, not host more challenges.

3. I'm keeping the OLW challenge with Jennifer going. Everyone seems to enjoy it, and I love seeing what you all do!

4. I'd like to get back to scrapbooking but have no idea how much of that I'd like to put on Simplicity. Not a lot. Maybe one day a week or every other week?

In addition to these items, I'm open to suggestions. So please, suggest away!

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: dimensionals


  1. I love your CAS style and everything you make.
    I'd love to see some more kids' cards.

  2. I'd like to see more of the same--same as in what you've been doing. So many of the card blogs I read are into using tons of die cuts--and while I love the creations,I don't have a die cut machine, and not sure I'm going to get one though I have considered it--- I find my punches so handy and basic. And for the punches I don't own I always think "can I find a template and hand cut that die?" I find that having too many products is a hindrance to my creativity. Looking back and comparing, I was way more creative when all I had was a few stamps and one or two ink pads. Now--with tons of stuff-- I find myself 'frozen'...that blank card in front of me mirrors my blank mind--too much stuff, too many options and I'm overwhelmed.

    Also....many of the cards I see have little to do with rubber I said I love them,especially the shabby vintage do you mail I am into 'stamping' that is mainly where my interest falls...putting ink on paper.

    1. So anything with/about/for/ cards...

    2. I've never done scrap booking..but I think I'd enjoy it...and it would be fun to see what you'd come up with using your clean and simple style.

    3. and CASifications...would love more of that too..

  3. Forgot to say: love the typewriter cards...AND...I also lover perusing the thanks for keeping that going.

  4. What a tempting typewriter. I have a bit of a typewriter image addiction as well -- and I still use a manual Royal typewriter (baby blue) to journal on scrapbook pages!
    I think you do great, inspiring work here, and I'm sure anything you add or change will be just as inspiring.
    I do hope you scrap a bit, though -- I'd love to see what you do!

  5. I love the typewriter and phone cards you've made! - and I would never otherwise have considered buying those sets. You really should get a commission. It'd be interesting if you could find out how many extra stamp sets have been sold because of what we see on your blog! As for suggestions, I'd say just keep on keeping on. I love every day's gold from you, and so do my friends and family since I copy so many from you! If I HAD to mention something, I guess I'd say kid cards? I loved that red train on the red grosgrain ribbon track! But I do realize many of what you do can also be sent to kids (clouds, sun, etc. cards). Thanks for all you do, and for doing it every day!

  6. You've achieved a really cool card with that typewriter stamp. I would love to see you add a scrapbook page. Whether it be once a week or every other week. Maybe even a challenge? I scrapbook and make cards, and one of the things I would like to get better at is to incorporate my stamping on my scrapbook pages. Still working on that...

    I LOVE the challenges. I truly believe my cardmaking has improved dramatically since I started participating in online challenges. I've made cards I'd never thought about, and I've inked stamps that had never seen ink. I've collected a lot of stamps in the last year and have thoroughly enjoyed using them!

    Whatever you do, I'm sure we'll all enjoy I've said before...I'm through here daily just to see whats new.

  7. I know that anything you do will be greeted with open arms by your followers :-) Very creative option with your typewriter. You need to try hanging that large image off to one side ... maybe?!

  8. I love these cards - I'm old enough to have actually used a typewrite at work :) As for your blog, I love it as it is so anything you choose to do is great by me. I would, however, really, really appreciate seeing some scrapbooking.

  9. Simple scrap booking? Perfect - I'M IN!!!


  10. I'm sold on your first 3 items. (I've only played along with the OLW challenge once (bad planning on my part), but I love seeing what everyone creates).
    I don't scrapbook, but I do very much love CAS designs, so item 4 once a week or every other week would be fine by me.
    In a previous post, you described your blog as 'the most visually boring blog on the internet'. I disagree. I love the CAS look of your blog - there isn't a ton of clutter competing for attention.

  11. I can't think of anything I'd rather see on your blog than what you're already doing....but I do have a request: could you add a search feature? I'd love to search on "pears" or "giggle" or "Floral Frenzy" to find the card I'm thinking of, or see your cards using a set I also own.

    Thanks for all you do,
    Sarah (kegbo)

  12. Sarah, I'd already planned on doing that. The labels feature is clunky and hard to use, and a search might be much more effective.

  13. I started out on a typewriter too! I do like how you've made the paper pop up - such fun.

    As for the blog - OLW - one of my first challenges and I love it!! I think I'm getting the hang of them now ;)

    I'd love to see some CASifications. I've made three scrapbooks - and I want to do more, would love to see your style on a layout or two. And I'd certainly love to see your take on some of the challenges out there.

    Thanks for a really inspirational blog - I love reading it.

  14. Ah yes, the typewriter. I remember it well. And Liquid Paper. And correcting ribbon. And sometimes even XXX-ing.

    Love these cards!

    Also, I'd like to see:

    Shabby chic
    Lots of layers
    Tons of ribbon
    And gobs and gobs of embellishments.

    Oh, how I am funny. Funny like a funny thing.

    As much as I love white and white space, I'd love to see even more cards using coloured card stock as the base.

  15. 1. I love when you CAS-ify complicated cards. Love it!

    2. More challenges? You mean like make your own here, or do ones belonging to others and showing them here?

    3. Yes, definitely! Love the OLW challenge.

    4. I don't scrapbook at all, so that would be lost on me. But if you do it I will still check out your blog. You can be the second coming of the late lamented Simple Scrapbooks mag (I wanted to scrapbook before I discovered card-making, it just never happened).

  16. Hi Susan, of course, keep your style of card going forward.
    I would like to get in on more challenges, so that would be nice.
    In addition, I would enjoy some scrap booking thrown in here and there.

  17. Hi Susan
    I simply love your blog, please don't change too much. I do like CAS but I hate scrapbooking. But if you decide to do some scrapping on your blog I will not stay away, I think I will just forgive you, LOL.

  18. Susan, great cards! I'm with you on doing some scrapbooking and CAS cards, I always look to do those from the magazines.

  19. Love those typewriter images! I also hear you on the CAS-ifying of cards and would like to do more of this myself. It's a real challenge, I often find about 5 different ways to simply things and run out of time to do them all..

  20. I love your CASifications!

    I'd also love to see you use more Papertrey Ink, since they're my favorite stamp company, and I love seeing what you do with their stamps.

    Mostly I just love your stamping style, your clean designs, and your intelligent, amusing commentary.

  21. Teehee, I thought that might be the typewriter you'd pick from the current HA options! Love these cards. And of course you have the perfect type-style alphabet set to use on them.
    I think I'm allergic to scrapbooking :) but will happily check out what you do. As many have said, I quite enjoy it when you take a fussier card and CASify it. Come to think of it, I just enjoy reading your blog, so keep on keeping on! :P

  22. I would love to see what you do scrapbooking wise, I am trying to do a couple for my daughter, but find the conventional styles abit daunting so would love to see something CAS-style, PLEEEEEEEEASE

  23. I learned to type on a manual typewriter too - we didn't get electric typewriters until high school! Typing on a manual typewriter was an exercise with all the pounding on the keys! I got first place in FBLA Regionals in Typing and got to compete at State. Now I watch my kids who can run computers like pros but have to take "keyboarding" because neither of them can type! They are amazed at my speed so at least I can impress them with something even though I am old and crusty! hee hee

    Don't tinker too much with a good thing!! Simplicity is a VERY good thing! I LOVE the OLW challenge and really enjoy when you do the CASifications. I also dig how you explain where your design decisions come from - I know when I like the look of something but can seldom put it into words.

  24. oh susan!
    love things just as they are.
    of course i'd love to see a few scrapbook pages......since i still havent started many for myself, my fellas are grown, i am overwhelmed by the process, i really dont care for all the busy,busy,busy layouts i see everywhere. and since i LOVE everything you do, i am sure your scrapbooking would be a HUGE inspiration for me.
    thanks for always being here!!

  25. I LOVE your blog! The clean, no-frills look makes it easy to read and find things (thanks from a visually impaired person). Your writing is witty and informative...enjoy glimpses into the personal stuff too. I like your idea with the CAS-ifying "busy" cards. I also enjoy your before-and-afters with photos and explanations. Thanks for doing what you do!

  26. Hi Susan! Your blog is terrific. I have been a "lurker" until this second, but love your writing - it always makes me smile. I would love to see some CAS scrapbook pages. My scrapbooks tend to be very CAS in terms of embellishments and lack of patterned paper, but I love color and ribbon! Sometimes, tho, I sit down to create a page and go completely blank! Maybe do a monthly or bi-weekly challenge for CAS pages? I definately get refocused when I see what other people do. Thanks for all you do! ~Debby

  27. Thanks for your clear explanations. I'm a CAS girl myself.

  28. Your blog is perfect the way it is so you don't NEED to tweak anything, but here's my two cents worth:

    I'd love to see CASifications once in awhile.

    I always enjoy seeing what you do with other people's challenges.

    Yes, definitely keep OLW going! (Speaking of which, today is Tuesday and I haven't done Jennifer's one - good reminder.)

    I don't scrapbook at all so only read your blog for cardmaking, but if you did the occasional scrapbooking day, I'd skim it for design or technique tips I could apply to cardmaking.

    I love it when you talk about design ideas and how you arrive at them - and thank you for answering questions we post in our comments like my recent one about why only two rhinestones instead of three. I've learned so much from that part of your blogging.

  29. I would like to see more cards with colored card stock as the base. I also love the OLW challenge.

  30. Just putting in my 2 cents. I recently found your blog and love the look of it and your cards. I'm striving for the CAS look as I believe I've finally discovered that they make me happy. Sooo, perhaps more with colored bases and using embossing folders for the front of cards and then building from there.

  31. Love your blog the way it is but if you feel you must tweak it a little, go for it. I'm not into scrapbooking and barely find time to enter an occasional challenge but I do like looking at what everyone has submitted, ie the OLWs and would love to see what you do with scrapping. I've learned so much from your blog, especially the fact that you don't need a ton of layers and embellishments to make a card that's beautiful. Thanks for all the time you spend "whipping us into shape".

  32. Oh I just love both of these Susan. I love the piece of paper coming out of the typewriter. I tell my son that I took typing in HS. He laughs. I know how to type...he doesn't. Hee.

  33. More masculine cards would be great too. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  34. So lovely! I really like that typewriter in green!

  35. Susan...
    I have been missing the CAS-ifications you used to do. I *adore* them! So I'd love to see them come back.
    And if you get into scrapping, maybe your simple style will encourage me to get back into it! Digital cameras have made it easy to ignore my scrapbooks. I'm wanting to totally revamp my scrappin style...


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