Friday, July 13, 2012


I made a card that, well, disappointed me.

Here's what's wrong with it. It's crooked...and not crooked enough to be deliberate. See how the vellum slopes down to the right...just enough to look like a mistake. The crookedness, in and of itself, is unforgiveable. But the whole design feels unbalanced to me, too heavy on the right. That leaf. It's just doesn't work. Too...skeletal. Too...dead.

I'm really sorry if you like it. You're welcome to like it. It's a free internet, and you don't have to agree with me. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.

But you're wrong.

I'm joking.

As far as you know.

Here's my do-over.

Here's what's right. This version is straight and tidy, with a cleaner frame of white space around the collage. It's much more balanced, too, with visual weight in the "sweet spot" and more pleasing asymmetry. You can see the message (the key to my heart...cliche, but hey, that key charm is adorable!) so much more clearly without that skeleton leaf. The three photo corners work much better than the two in the first version (visual triangle), and the piece of vellum has a more natural feel than the other, more botanical, less flourished and texty.


That's a word.

In my universe.

Welcome to my universe. A universe where collage is attempted, but often results in a do-over.


  1. Love the card and your post :) You always make me smile!

  2. I like the do-over best - makes me feel happier when I look at it! I do enjoy reading your posts - lots of helpful tips - thanks.

  3. I won't argue with you... #2 is better. Thanks for sharing your not-so-good result with us! Now to go fix my card from yesterday where I didn't have enough adhesive on something, and tried to add more and blobbed it all over the focal point. Which I won't be posting because it's nowhere near as artistically interesting as your #1 :-)

  4. Susan, I like both versions. Your first one is almost floating freestyle and random. Your second is very "straight and tidy" as you say. Each is a result of your artistic creativity, and they're beautiful. Thank you for sharing your card art!

  5. That top right corner definitely needed capturing, and the leaf in the bottom right was dragging the eye down to that corner, accentuating the lean, but you've done an excellent rescue job. Balance is restored!

  6. Like your do-over! Nice printed vellum and I do like the dark heart w/the key. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, and posting the picture #1 for comparison. Most people won't post the not-so-good first try. #2 has my final vote too. LOL

  8. Can I just say how happy I am you stamped crooked! [Isn't that awful of me] BAwahahaha!!!

  9. That Vicki is a hoot, isn't she, Susan? LOL!
    I love your do-over! Thanks for helping us learn how to "fix" it! Your posts are great! ;D

  10. Great post, Susan - one where I learnt a lot. It's really helpful to have you explain why the do-over is so much better.

    I wouldn't have kept the first one either as I am quite obsessive about things being level. I'm one of those annoying people who come to visit and notice a picture hanging on your wall that isn't level and cannot stop myself from straightening it (and then I might have to go around your whole house checking all the other pictures!).

  11. Everything you said about the second card makes perfect sense. And I see it! But I really do like that skeleton leaf, and look forward to seeing it on a card you like!

  12. Seeing the first card made my insides start quivering -- and not in a good way. I saw the image before I read the first line; my reaction was "Oh, Susan's going to give us a lesson in making sure everything's straight and balanced and pleasantly aligned." I had to keep scrolling until it was off my screen. I know you can relate. I don't mind wonky if it's deliberate. Thanks for sharing and fixing a "fail" for us, along with telling us why the 2nd design works better.


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