Friday, July 20, 2012

Teeny, Tiny Christmas in July

I got a totally awesome Christmas-in-July  present today...I met Joan B, formerly of Paperlicious and now of Creating White Spaces. She treated me, my son Nick, and my nephew Mac to lunch at her workplace cafeteria (the site of the infamous couple about which she and her co-workers speculated so entertainingly). Today, her coworkers stared at us while we ate, no doubt relieved, as Joan said, that I wasn't a 54-year-old stalker pretending to be a stamper on the internet.

Nope, I'm a 45-year-old mom with humidity-challenged gray hair who peppered Joan with questions because SHE WAS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME AND DANG I WASN'T GOING TO PASS UP THE CHANCE TO FIND OUT WHAT SORT OF LAW MIKE PRACTICES.

Because I'm nosy that way.

And no, I didn't understand the answer to the question of what sort of law Mike practices any better than Joan says she does, except that it has something to do with environmental law and is very important. But I got a chance to ask the question, so I'm happy.

Joan took us on a tour of her office and shared the plans for her new house with me. I adore looking at floor plans, and her new place is going to be absolutely adorable when it's built. I also got a chance to thank her personally for doing great work in special education.

So that's the scoop on my early Christmas present, and I can't thank Joan enough for making time for me in her busy day.

To celebrate my Christmas in July, and in honor of Joan's new blog and downsized home, I have some Christmas cards that play up a teeny-tiny focal point in a whole lotta white space.

The Martha Stewart postage stamp punch and Winterberry from Papertrey make a lovely combination. The numbers are from that tiny and annoying alphabet set from Papertrey. When I'm lucky, I get those tiny letters and numbers straight. Mostly, I just want to throw them at the wall.

And here's a use for those tiny, random strips of card stock that litter your workspace.

What sort of tiny focal point can you make this weekend? There's an informal challenge for you!


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  3. Sounds like you had a fun time meeting Joan :)

    Susan, I just LOVE your cards!!
    I have a few Christmas Postage Stamps of the Rubber kind that will work! I'm taking up the challenge...:)


  4. Love the first card with the postage stamp image - just fab!

    Sounds like you had a super time with Joan. I love checking out floor plans :)

  5. Love the pops of colour on the white (as always), but two things niggling in my mind.

    1. Why 24 and not 25? Not cricital, just curious.

    2. I can never stamp straight on a strip of paper (even with clear stamps, for some reason!) - I always have to start much bigger and cut straight around it. It's very frustrating! lol!

  6. I'm glad you got to meet Joan :) You've inspired me to use some teeny stamps - thanks! Your cards are great.

  7. So cool you got to meet Joan B! That really would be considered Christmas in July for me as well!

    Love the postage stamp focal image on the first card.

  8. what a wonderful visit....for both of you! you two ladies are such an inspiration to me, and it is always so much fun to read your wit, humor, and insight.
    thanks for the fun christmas cards. they are perfect!
    enjoy your weekend.
    marty ferraro

  9. You are always proving that less really is MORE! Love this postage stamp one AND everything Christmas!

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  11. How fun to meet a fellow stamper/good blogger. TY for linking her new blog it is interesting. I knew we had more in common..I am your age! I love that :)

  12. Sounds like such a fun day!

  13. I LOVE your itty bitty images! What a great way to embrace white space!
    And, I should mention, that I am so incredibly jealous of your lunch date with Joan! How fun it must have been to meet and chat with her!!

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  15. What a wonderful card, Susan!

    Have you tried to first stamp the numbers and than stamp the mistletoe und after all to punch it?

    Maybe than it's easier to get the numbers straight.

    Just my suggestion.

    Have a nice day,


  16. Beautiful cards. What a fabulous early Christmas present to meet with Joan. I fear I would come across as a crazy stalker person... Did you get the goss on the couple in the cafeteria?
    Thanks for all your lovely inspiration.

  17. love those little bits of white. and so enjoyed meeting you. yeah!!!

  18. I used to love teeny tiny. Now I realize I'm half blind so teeny tiny is out, unless you are a bug then you can be teeny tiny so I can continue to not know you exist.


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