Monday, July 30, 2012


Okay, so Colorado Crafter reminded me that I hadn't announced a winner for the Saddle Up Again card.

Three people gave entertaining stories: Dee, Lucy, and Mary Hansen. I'm gonna send the card and a packet of bling to Lucy because she referenced Hopalong and Roy Rogers, but Mary and Dee will get different cards and packs of bling as well.

Just send me your snail mail address to susanraihala at woh dot rr dot com.

And thanks, Colorado Crafter, for keeping me honest!


  1. Thanks, Susan! I just sent you a much-longer-than-needed e-mail with my address and other bits and bobs of interest to only me, but I got started and couldn't stop. It's kind of like trying to ride that dang pony -- I didn't want to stop then, either, even after getting bucked off.

  2. Thanks, Susan! I really enjoy your card art!


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