Saturday, July 14, 2012

This and That and a Card for You

Sue asked about the Hero Arts shadow set I used on my OLW96 card. It's from a set called Horizontal Graphics. I found an image of it HERE. Hero does occasionally re-release older images, and I'd love to see them re-release this set in CLEAR. I'd buy them again because when I use these as ground, as I am wont to do, I HAVE to use a stamp positioner. Clear would be more convenient.

Because I want my ground straight, not askew.

Isn't askew a fun word. Say it out loud. See? It's fun!

Do you always do what strangers on the internet tell you to do? If so, then wire me $1,000 so I can redecorate my craft space.

On another shadowy topic, A Muse has an oval shadow set in their catalog that makes lovely ground for little scenes. Can't find a link quickly, but it's there in the current catalog, so call or email a consultant if you are interested.  I bought two of their ovals in wood-mounted form shortly before they switched to a consultant-based business and offered a whole set of different-size unmounted ovals for less than I paid for just two in wood.

My timing is sometimes atrocious.

I am GIDDY with creative inspiration because of THIS BOOK I checked out at my public library. This is a treasure trove of graphic design beauty. I started putting scraps of paper between pages I liked and gave up when I realized that I was marking every page. Gonna buy this and keep it on my shelf for days when I need a creative boost. Check it out for yourself. Libraries are wonderful.

To the person who unsubscribed from Simplicity this morning, I say, "Blessings to you. Go in peace and happiness."

To those of you who choose to keep reading, I say, "I am ever so grateful to you. Thank you. Come again and often and may you always find peace and happiness and fun!"

Here's a card for you that shows how to turn a negative into a positive.

How's that for a design pun?

stamps: not a one
ink: well, not any
paper: PTI white
accessories: ah, here I can type something...burlap, ScorTape, half-pearls in chocolate brown, SU butterfly punch, dimensionals


  1. What a great entry today - lots to say! I sure like that HA graphics stamp set --- it's got that lovely swish! --- and count me in to ask HA to reissue it. The book looks very interesting; wonder if we can find it used on I'm going to check. As far as unsubscribing goes, I'll bet when one person does that, 5 new people sign up. Yours is my favorite creative-outlet blog. My card-making is waaaaay better because of you. My family thanks you for getting me out of their hair more often. My friends/family thank you because now they get lovely cards from me. Your butterfly card today is just one more reason I thank you --- just LOVE the burlap, and so easy to do when you pop up your card onto the base. Thank you again! I'm off for a week, but look forward to a glut of goodness (that's kind of fun to say, too!) when I come back!

  2. You never fail to entertain and inspire! Whoever unsubscribed is missing out!! I just hope you keep on posting....losing Joan at Paperlicious was a hard blow...her blog, and yours are the top two on my bookmarks. I can't bring myself to delete the bookmark yet. What can I say? It's hard for me to let go...:-)

    I had the EXACT same experience with Amuse and the oval stamps. I had ordered a SET right before they were switching over. I think it's because of YOUR BLOG actually. :-) But anyway, after much delay I finally received an email stating the set was no longer available. I also got a phone number to call with questions. So I called. The gal on their end was very nice, very apologetic, and explained they had individual oval stamps...about the same sizes as were in the set, wood mounted that I could purchase if I wanted to. So I purchased four different sizes. Then very shortly after that I saw all the announcements about going to consultants and got a link to their new catalog. Imagine my surprise when there was A SET of ovals there! And for much less than what I paid for my four individual ones. I admit...I was a tad miffed. Why didn't the helpful gal on the phone tell me there would be a set available again shortly?

    But...I babble. I haven't let it stop me from ordering some of their yummy fall colored paper and inks, so while I may harbor a tiny's not changed my shopping habits.

    Hurray! I can certainly digress and babble on with the rest of 'em! Keep on posting!! You truly brighten my day!!

  3. Susan, Your blog is amazing and your writing is delightful. I always appreciate the artistic and linguistic inspiration you provide to your readers.

    Some perspective on unsubscribers...A while back I unsubscribed from all the feedburner subscriptions I was receiving by email and re-subscribed/followed people in Google Reader. So maybe your unsusbscriber today was in fact just an innocent technology consolidator.

  4. Thanks, ladies, but I really mean what I said about the unsubscriber. I get it. I've unsubscribed from blogs in my time. It's not personal. And yes, some people do show up again with a new email address or as a new follower in google. But it does make me appreciate every single subscriber!

    Mary, I totally agree and have not removed Paperlicious from my Google Reader account either. We can hope....

    Sue, I tried to email you and got a failure notice. Did you change your email addy?!?!?!

  5. Always a pleasure to visit your blog, Susan. I am here to stay! Love the card with negative aspect;)

  6. LOVE your negative, burlap butterfly! I have used many burlap butterflies but never this way. This has expanded my burlap horizon and given me some great ideas. THANKS! :)

  7. Enjoying all the philosophy here this morning! lol! I can't imagine ever unsubscribing from you! As for Amuse, they don't even sell in Canada, which makes me sad! Have a great day!

  8. Susan,
    The last time you used a stamp from that set, I went looking for it and was able to buy it from someone on ebay. But you are right, it would be better clear.Thanks for all of your comments and inspirations.

  9. Howdy! And thanks, as always, for your musings and for being a muse (not to mention amusing)!
    Hugs, Sherry

  10. First thing I did when I got home from two weeks of delicious vacation (ok, first computer thing)? Treated myself to a whole heaping helping of your blog.

    Your positivity is contagious, and your design talent amazing. Thank you for explaining the elements of design that make your cards so gorgeous -- I actually explained "visual triangle" to a friend recently :-).

  11. You really need to write a book....or how about a stand up comic routine! Seriously! First post I read every single day...Susan & a hot cuppa joe - ah, life is grand!

  12. I faithfully read your blog everyday (and spank my bum I don't comment) yeah I'm lazy at times lol but thoroughly enjoy your writings and creative talents!! On another note Paperlicious is BACK....YEP .... JOAN IS BACK!!!!! WITH A NEW BLOG GIRLS.... It's called Creating White Spaces and once again is FABULOUS...and has been filling us in what has been going on in her life. Joan has moved and bought a new townhouse and loves it. Needless to say I WAS THRILLED when I got a Paperlicious update??? and there was a link to her new blog...oh my I'm babbling on..aren't I....but I wanted to spread the news and let you all know since reading your comments. Go find her blog, grab your coffee and love her once again!!!

  13. Susan I always enjoy your creative rambling and examples. In small thanks, may I recommend a visit to ?

  14. Thank you for showing me how to turn a negative into a positive. I know just what I will do with some lovely cardstock with birds (swallows) cut out of them. I had used the birds for name tags for my daughter's wedding reception. I see potential anniversary cards coming. I knew if I saved them I would eventually use them. (I'm keeping my subscription, and thanks again, Susan)

  15. Ooops sorry Susan I never realized that you knew that Joan had her new blog...I apologize for that! I see now that you were talking about her stamping sorry!


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