Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sympathy with Lace

First of all, mucho thanks to those of you who commented on yesterday's post. That was fun!

Today's card isn't much fun at all (though it is pretty), but I find that it's easier to make sympathy cards to stash for future need rather than to make cards when they are needed. I've used up my stash and know that eventually, I'll need more.

I wish I could share the design evolution of this card with you, but it sorta just happened. Before I added the lace, it looked too cold. Lace, of course, is pretty, old fashioned, warm (even when white), and comforting.

Attaching the lace took two strips of 1/8" and one 1/4" strip. The 1/8" strip is right next to the fold of the card (this is a side-fold), and the 1/4" strip is under the denser part of the lace. I cut the piece of lace a little longer than needed and trimmed it flush once it was on the card. It's surprisingly sturdy.

I like how this card demonstrates how even a single little image can carry a card.

What's your plan for sympathy cards: make them as needed or create a stash when you're feeling good? I do sometimes feel the need to customize a sympathy card (as with the quilt card for my friend Karen's family), but generally, nothing comes to me except simple flowers or butterflies.

stamps: PTI Beautiful Butterflies
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: lace, Scor-Tape.


  1. That packs a lot of wallop, Susan, even though it's serene and understated. That particular piece of lace is stunning. The perfect prayerful card.

  2. That is one heck of a sympathy card. I do like to make sympathy cards ahead of time. I find it is too difficult to make them when I need them, and I also don't want to have my card be late. So, I make then when I can think creatively and in the abstract, and then I have a stash as needed. I have been so fortunate as to not have someone so close to me die that I would have wanted something really personalized.

  3. The white lace is both dramatic and peaceful on your card. The sentiment is quite nice. I have never made a stash of sympathy cards. Even though it's hard, I make them only as needed. I just don't seem able to create them otherwise.

  4. Wonderful card, and I hope you don't need it very soon, but when you have these cards in stock it's better, than when you have to make it when th're needed. Hugs, Ankie

  5. I'm with you about making sympathy cards before they're needed and agree that few ideas seem to pop in to my head reagrding a suitable image but you have struck just the right note with today's beautiful card.


  6. Lovely card! The lace really does "warm" it. I have needed very few sympathy cards the last year or so. When I make one, I usually opt for floral and/or foliage and a caring sentiment. TFS your lovely card. :)

  7. My ideal is to have a stash but sadly they get used up so quickly.
    Your card is simply elegant. My sympathy cards tend to be one layer....I like Turning a New Leaf very much with a sentiment (or one handwritten by me) and usually a scripture verse inside if the folk are christians. I tend to keep the cards very simple.

  8. This is a beautiful card, Susan. I tend to use florals on sympathy cards, and have never thought to use butterflies or lace but it looks great, so delicate and unfussy. But then you don't do fussy, do you? I usually make a batch of sympathy cards before Christmas because they always seem to be needed in January.

  9. Lovely card Susan! I, too, make a stash of sympathy cards. Usually, when I need to send a card I want to send it right away. So, it's so much easier to make them ahead of time. I don't think I've ever used lace on a sympathy card, but I really like the soft clean look of you card.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. Your sympathy card is lovely. It's elegant, without being overdone. The butterfly is the perfect touch to the sentiment, and the lace like a warm fuzzy. I struggle with sympathy cards; it's hard for me to get just the right tone. I want them attractive, but not really "pretty." I stay away from bows other embellishments, but oh, I love this lace. It's JUST the right touch to make the card warm but not overdone. I try to have sympathy cards on hand, and I have a stand-by card I can make in a matter of minutes. But for someone special, I try to find something individual, pertaining just to that person. Sympathy cards are hard, and I usually turn to nature stamps to give me a hand. SU's Lovely as a Tree and Thoughts and Prayers have regularly bailed me out.

  11. This is a beautiful card ... perfect for the sentiment - and hopefully one that won't be needed for a long while.
    Your blog is filled with so much inspiration, and I love your sense of humor too.:)
    Linda J

  12. What a a beautiful card. Perfect for a sympathy card. I usually make my sympathy cards as needed as I do try to personalize them. However, recently I needed several within a couple of weeks and my creative juices were depleted by the last one. I think I might try to have a couple on hand, just in case.

  13. Gorgeous card, well done :) Viv xx

  14. Really beautiful. I try to make them ahead. While I'd like to be able to customize them, I just don't have the kind of life where I can count on that kind of time when I need it. Love the new profile picture.

  15. Very pretty! I'm superstitious. I'm always afraid that someone I know will die if I make a sympathy card ahead of time. Silly, I know.

  16. just so lovely Susan...
    thanks so much for dropping by my blog for a visit...

  17. Such a lovely card. I realy like the lace and since the butterfly is to some a symbol or new life or resurrection, it's just t he perfect accent.

    I've never been good at making cards in advance, so most of mine are done as I need them. For sympathy cards, I do use flowers, but anything in the natural world is game. I like shells for their delicate gentleness. I also have a Stampin' Up set with an Asian inspired bird on bamboo that makes a nice card. Sometimes I use a sparkly beige, pale blue or light green ink.

    Love your blog-I look for it every day!

  18. That is really pretty lace and it's perfect on that card.

    I'd prefer to make cards ahead... especially sympathy cards, but I haven't done that so far. It's always the plan, though. LOL!! I prefer simple and sometimes elegant sympathy cards I just had to make one earlier this week and it was my very first one layer card. I just did some sponging and then stamped a silhouette image and a sentiment in a design that I've seen so many do. It was for my husband to send to a business acquaintance and when I showed it to him he first said that he thought it was a store bought card that I wanted to copy. He was a bit surprised when I told him I had just made it. LOL! But, he liked it a lot and though it was beautiful. I made two more of the same design immediately and just changed the sentiment to send to friends that I had not been in touch with for a while.

  19. I dont make sympathy cards. We dont have such a custom in India

    I, however, love that card.. the lace and the grey with that pretty butterfly flow well together. I *need* that butterfly set :)


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