Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Green Galore Goodness and Heather's OLW97

Green galore has long been one of my favorite colors. It's so bright and happy and bright. Did I already say bright? Yep. It's bright. And happy.

So when I saw this picture in the 1,000 Bags, Tags, and Labels book, I got all happy and bright myself.

Of course, not only the color made sense. I have this Hero Arts Leaf Prints set. Which made me think that a pretty literal interpretation of the inspiration design was in order. 


Oh so flat, happy, and bright!!!

OLW97 is on Heather's blog, so click on over and line stuff up! I will play next Tuesday when my stamps and I are reunited. It'll feel so good. ;)


  1. That shade of green is one of my "happy and bright" colors, too. Imagine that, on top of the other things we have in common (everything except that odd/even thing!). What more does a card need besides a nice sentiment & some gorgeous color? This has it all goin' on for me.

  2. Wonderful! Love this simplicity. Just green. Wow! Hugs, Ankie

  3. Nice inspired card. I forget to use my assortment of leaf stamps with spring/summer green. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  4. I agree with gabby. I used my leaf stamps for fall, but that was before viewing this great card.

  5. LOVE this so much! I am a big fan of Green Galore too. . .


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