Saturday, July 7, 2012


Okay. I'm as subject to the power of consumer influence as the next stamper, but when a friend sends me a card like this, can you blame me?

Made by Linda, just photographed by me

Linda sent this sweet card (oh how I love the one-layeredness of it!...and check out the three red stamps forming such a balanced, stable design!), so of course I had to order On the Farm from Papertrey...the set she used to make it.

Because, you know, I am weak that way.

And of course the first thing I did when I got the set was try to make the simplest card I could with it.

Because if it's good for the goose....

And then another card.

I've got something to strut about....
And another card..

A whole bo-coop of merci....

Oh what a fun set! I'll be showing more cards with On the Farm in coming days. Cards that will blow your mind because I USED LAYERS!

Well, a few, at least.

And now a couple of replies to comments...

Colorado Crafter said she couldn't get more than four of the new Memento inks at Michael's. Well, that's all I found at Michael's, too. I ordered the rest from Creative Play Stamps. Love their speed and that they always throw in a little freebie gift. I got a sponge dauber with my ink order!

Joyce across the pond, I'm so sorry for your flooding. Your flooding, our drought, fires all over the U.S....sounds like Mother Nature is seriously PMSing with us.

stamps: Papertrey
ink: Memento
paper: white PTI
accessories: nary a one


  1. I love that you said Linda's card created a balanced "stable" design from the On The Farm set!! Tee Ha!

    I look forward to all your creations with the new fab set, even the ones (horror) with layers!

  2. Susan! Did you have to? I am in love with On The Farm, and I have resisted so far because it's not really my style (and not really the same style as Australian farms). I didn't realise that vintage country could do CAS so well! Sigh! Off to add to my wishlist...

  3. Yep, that stamp set is on my wish list! And I love ordering from Creative Play stamps-they are my "go to" store for everything not Papertrey:) Loving what you made so far with On The Farm.

  4. Crafty enablers are the best!! Guilty as the next one.

  5. Woah! So many puns and cliches Susan, love it, love it :0) LOL Wonderful inspiration from Linda's brilliant card! Your three are smashing and really make me smile. Have a wonderful Sunday, xxx

  6. Thank you so much for the info about the new Memento ink colors. I thought you found all of yours at Michaels. Now, I'll just be hoping to find them at one of my regular online haunts. I haven't really checked online... was just hoping to find them locally.

    Your cards today are great... even though I've never been into the farm animals. Whether in my kitchen or in stamps, chickens, cows and roosters are just not my thing. But, no matter what the images are, I always enjoy seeing your card designs. I love making my layered cards and will never give them up, but I also love the CAS style of you and a few other bloggers and I'd like to be comfortable sending either kind of card.

  7. I've been gifted the dies and I love them....particularly doing cards 'just hatched' (I write this myself) and on the inisde I use the signature greeting from pti of Congratulations on your new little bundle....lovely cards...for what occasion would you send the cow and the pig one, dare I ask?

  8. Just notes. I might send the pig one to my sister because she's lost so much weight lately. I love irony and so does she. I could send the cow card to an old classmate who believed that cows are aliens patiently waiting to take over the world. Of course all three of them would be appropriate for my three-year-old nephew who would enjoy them!

  9. I LOL when I read your post today as I have plenty of friends who get me in so much trouble when they send me an AWESOME card that causes me to think that I MUST HAVE that very same stamp set! It's dangerous having friends like that --- but I do feel so fortunate that they share their creative talents with me --- even if it makes my wallet a bit lighter!

  10. Ooooh, I love this...and I just received my set too! Can't wait to play!

  11. Just gotta duck in here and say I love your cards, and that I'm so moo-ved that you posted my card. You have me crowing with delight. And to think I enabled the Queen? I'm as happy as a pig in slop.


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