Sunday, December 8, 2013

Simplicity Christmas Tree Trimming

Yesterday, the day after a snow storm, we went out in the snow and sunshine of Ohio to cut down our tree. Unfortunately, the tree farm had already cut all the Canadian firs we prefer, so we chose a beautiful one from the barn.

George was disappointed he didn't get to lie on the ground in the snow and saw it down himeslf.

But the tree was covered in ice, so it's been dripping onto towels all night and hopefully will be dry enough to trim this evening.

In the meantime, I've mostly finished all the other decorating, including putting up my artificial tree in the basement living space. Our main tree upstairs has no theme. Its ornaments come from all over the world: some are handmade, some are mass-produced, some are kinda ugly but sentimental anyway, some are pretty and have no meaning at all, some are from our grandparents, some were made by our children, some are patriotic, and there's at least one from every state we've lived in (nine in all).

Eclectic Family History. That's our theme.

In the basement, however, within full sight of my craft desk for maximum inspiration and festivity, is a tree trimmed in paper ornaments. Shocking as it might sound, I have made a lot of paper ornaments over the years, including a whole series of miniature books. They've been scattered on our regular tree in the past, but this year I'm putting them all in one place.

And I have made a few more.

These three ornaments use an old Hampton Arts Da Vinci alphabet set, a square punch, and dimensionals from SU. Easy and fun!

Blogger's giving me fits about uploading photos, but eventually, I will include pictures of the trees.

Do you have multiple trees? Do you have a theme for your tree/trees, or is your theme like ours...Eclectic Family History?

stamps: Hampton Arts discontinued
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: square punch, 1/8" circle punch, dimensionals, ribbon


  1. We only have one small tree this year, our living room isn't very spacious anyway. We could put up a bigger one downstairs in the basement whare we watch a lot of movies etc, but I really didn't want to. Instead I put out a lot of smaller decorations, so every room has a little sparkle. I love the idea of your paper craft tree! Our small tree has a mixture of ornaments, I kept it fairly simple though. Luckily I still have a couple of ornaments that I bought on a trip to Germany in 2000. My daughter, my mom and I visited a special store in former East Germany, it was full of Christmas ornaments (we were there in June). The town is known for glass blowing, I loved it!

  2. Your ornaments look great. I find myself wishing we even HAD a basement!!!

    Merry Christmas


  3. We have two trees, one in the downstairs living area and one in the upstairs bonus room. The downstairs tree is a real tree, decorated to match the room - I got new decorations when we moved across the country a few years ago. The upstairs tree is small and artificial. It's has decorations from when my sons were young. It's nostalgic and eclectic - definitely family history. Because we're empty nesters, that little tree is definitely special to me.

  4. I finally gave in and bought a fake tree last year. I had always had real trees in the years before; but after the crash of 2010...

    I have a different colour scheme every year. It usually involves silver or gold plus another colour. I don't have loads of ornaments but enough to change it a little each year. There are, of course, some sentimental and significant ornaments which come out every year. When my children were younger and all being home schooled we made a new set of ornaments each year. One year it was bead candy canes, another it was peg angels, felt mittens, etc. I still have those sets and they come out when their colour is featured.
    This year is silver and white so the clear bead icicles will be hung for sure along with the quilled snow flakes.

    I really like the words you've made and look forward to seeing photos of your tree.

  5. I have one tree, artificial, our great room. I love real trees but don't have much luck with keeping them relatively healthy through the season. My tree is definitely family eclectic. I have ornaments from my childhood, from my children's and some new ones from my new life with my new hubby. Every year is a trip down memory lane as I decorate the tree.

  6. We always have a tall, fresh noble fir in our living room. It has hundreds of ornaments I have collected since I was young. All of them have sentimental value. In the family room, we have a fake tree which has only bird ornaments on it. We had never had a fake tree until about two years ago. They look pretty real these days:)

  7. We have a family "everything" tree in the sunroom, it has ornaments received as gifts, made my girls when they were little and a good mix of sentimental ornaments. In the living room is the themed tree (which changes often) and I have a small "family ornament" tree on the kitchen table. Every year I make a "family ornament" to give out to family members and special makes remembering loved ones at Christmas less stressful knowing everyone will get a handmade ornament and a baked goodie. We only have faux trees...we're in Florida and it seems you have to be a magician to get your tree to last the holiday season without completely drying out in the's been over 80' all month!

  8. These are so clean and crisp-beautiful work Susan! Our theme is sentimental all the if Christmases from previous years exploded everywhere. It's cozy and fun...but barely picture worthy for those that don't get us! ;)

  9. We have only one tree and it is definitely "eclectic family history". When first married we began with the box of ornaments that survived from my childhood. My brothers did not want them; and my Mom was actually going to put them in a yard sale when she and I were moving out of the "family home" into something smaller. I grabbed that box for myself!!

    For me it's very cool to put up these ornaments and explain to my son that these fragile looking glass baubles were used by his grandma when she was a girl ( who we live with ) and who is now 84 years old. I have broken a few over the years, accompanied by much heartache...but I am stubbornly protective of the ones I have left.

    Add to that some we bought new in the first years of our marriage, some my MIL gave me that were significant to my hubby, and now quite a few my son has made throughout his elementary school years. I can't imagine ever giving up my eclectic tree. Although I am not opposed to having another thematic tree elsewhere in the house, just don't have the room!


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