Friday, December 6, 2013

Two Ovals Get Grounded

Today's cards demonstrate the effect of grounding...that is, anchoring a design element to the card. It's not always necessary, in my opinion, to ground every element every time...some of my favorite layouts involve an image floating in vast, glorious white space. But generally, good designs ground their elements.

Take a look-see at the two cards:

First, note how large the sentiment is on the first card. There's very little white space on that oval, so the grounding boughs need to be balanced to that idea. They carry good visual weight on the card. Also, the asymmetry of the pine cones adds interest and moves the eye from upper left to lower right...a natural movement that fits into how we read the sentiment in between!

Now, consider all that white space on the second card. The oval is smaller than on the first card, and the sentiment doesn't carry much visual weight, even if its color scheme is punchy. The holly sprigs (made from green velvet paper...not quite as dark as the photo implies) are spiky/curvy like the letters and leave plenty of white space on the card. Your eye is kept very tightly on the smaller focal point, without a lot of movement at all.

I like both of these cards and think both have solid design in them, although (surprise!) the second makes me happier with all that glorious white space.

Which do you prefer and why?

stamps: Papertrey various
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: Creative Memories oval cutter, dimensionals, holly punch


  1. I really can't choose which one I like better...both are great. I love the way you can analyze layout, design and over all appeal. I just sit down surrounded by a big mess and start stamping away aimlessly!! lol! I do always think of you and the 'rule' of the visual triangle though and I do also love seeing the white space. I think you can appreciate the images and sentiment used on the card better that way.
    hugs mf....have a great wknd!!

  2. I love the boldness of the first one. It looks so festive!

  3. Both are nice but if I have to choose then I really like the one with the pine cones. Think it's just because I like the colors better.
    stamping sue

  4. I hate it when you ask that question - LOL
    Both are beautifully done, I love the sophistication of the second card but the boldness of the first. That doesn't really answer your question though - sorry ;op

  5. I like both of them, but my fave of the 2 is the top one...I just like the colors better. :)

  6. I also like both. But I definitely love the first. The bold and beautiful line cones and boughs are perfect with the gorgeous sentiment.

  7. No question--the first one is my favorite. I like the colors better and feel the design makes a complete design. It feels more festive,

  8. i like the top one also. i liked it so much i CASED it. Here's my version. Thank you for the idea.

  9. Tank you so much for your beautiful comment on my version. I am so humbled that you feel it has merit! I had to show it to my hubby and explain why your comment meant so much to my heat
    Rt. I love all you do for us by way of explanation and teaching.


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