Sunday, December 22, 2013

Super-Quick Notecard Set

BTW, I'm enjoying the responses to yesterday's post. Some of you like the first card, some the second, and others don't care. I love all that ambiguity, especially since I was so surprised by my own agnosticism on the choice. So strange how "correcting" the "mistake" of the first card made me change my mind about there being a mistake in the first place!

Anywho, if you're looking for a super-fast gift, consider making a quickie notecard set like this one:

I made two of each color combo and packed them with 8 envelopes in a Papertrey Ink clear card box.


The set takes advantage of Memento's light and dark shades of the same colors, but other ink brands offer similar light/dark combinations. You can also off-stamp the border a darker shade on scrap paper, then stamp it on the card, and then use the same ink full-strength for the big sentiment.

But having lots of ink to choose from is less fussy.

Any excuse to buy more ink. Seriously.

This will be my last post until after Christmas, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

stamps: Papertrey Ink Text Style, Botanical Silhouettes
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey Ink white
accessories: none


  1. these came out great. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Love the idea of lighter colour and darker over it. Still playing with the idea of more inks, just have to work out where to put them, so much to buy so little space to keep it all :) have a great Christmas and look forward to more next year.

  3. A great gift idea.

    Seasons Greetings to you too


  4. Merry Christmas, Susan! Thanks for all the beauty and inspiration you bring to my life all year!

  5. I really like these note cards. The two tones of ink work quite well. This is a lovely and thoughtful gift.

  6. Great set of cards! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Wow, I like these cards. They're realy great. Hugs and Merry Christmas to all of you over there, Ankie

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  9. Merry Christmas Susan. Thank you for the often thought provoking cards. Blessings to you and your family. Liz

  10. I will so CASE these and keep them on hand for gifts. Thanks for all your help thought out the year. Merry Christmas to you also and enjoy your holidays and your little break.

  11. What a wonderful set of cards! A Merry Christmas to you also.

  12. Just popping in to wish you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Christmas. May each one of you know God's peace and tender care throughout 2014....and thanks for all the inspiration during 2013. In Northern Ireland we are anticipating gale force winds and rain aplenty and snow....we have a home, alternative cooking facilities, food enough and to spare...what more could we want or fact an outage takes one back to other times when life was more simple.

  13. I also wish you and your family a Joyful and Peaceful and Merry Christmas!


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