Friday, December 6, 2013

Update on Jonah's Cards

Well, Blogger's not letting me add pictures at this time, so today's card post will be late. But several of you have asked about the cards for Jonah, and I thought I'd update you.

So far, I have received 37 pieces of mail for Jonah and his family. (You can keep track of what's coming in on this PAGE of my blog.)

All that mail is in my dining room right now in an adorable gift bag for delivery. I'd planned on taking them to him today, but today is his chemo day, so delivery day will be Monday or Tuesday. By then, who knows how many pieces there will be? I got 8 pieces yesterday!

Requests for my address are still coming in. Email me at susanraihala at roadrunner dot com if you want it! I've had requests from South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Canada, and who knows how many other countries that weren't obvious from the email addresses!

Several people have expressed a desire to continue sending cards after Christmas. I will deliver cards as long as they are coming in, so don't worry about that.

As for Jonah, he's in the middle of chemo, and for those of you who've been there, done that, you know it's not fun. He's holding up extraordinarily well but has some pain and complications. If you want to follow his progress, I encourage you to check out his Facebook page. His mother, Molly, is keeping everyone updated on his progress and also uses this Facebook page to make specific prayer requests.

Jonah's Facebook Page

Jonah will be receiving some scans today to see if there are tumors developing elsewhere in his body. He's considered at stage 3 with Wilms Tumor, with some lymph node involvement.

I hate cancer. It's scary, it hurts, the treatment is horrible, and it throws families into a terrible storm of fear and worry. There's so little we non-medical folks can do to help those fighting it. Thanks to Jonah's grandmother Jane, we learned about Jonah's situation, and thanks to Molly, we can do our little part to bring some love and light to a family in a very dark time.

My heart overflows with gratitude that so many of you have chosen to participate in this card drive, and I know that many of you are involved in helping others who are suffering or might even be fighting this terrible thing yourself.

Some of you are Chemo Angels. Chemo Angels send cards and encouragement to people undergoing chemo treatment. You can learn more about this wonderful organization at their website: Chemo Angels. What a perfect fit for stampers!

Thank you all for being the best readers a blogger could have.

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  1. Susan, it really has been humbling to see the list of all the people who have taken time to send Jonah a card. When I first read of the response, I was feeling something like guilt because I have no way to repay or thank these people personally. No words. I fell overwhelmed at even thinking of making each person a thank you card. You replied to me once with three words that have been my mainstay: Let God repay. Thank you for that freeing thought. In the midst of all of this - God has prompted my heart to realize afresh what He has done for me -- a grander gift of salvation to be sure, but just as undeserved and leaving me equally unable to adequately thank Him or do anything in an effort to repay Him. I know salvation is free and cannot ever be earned -- I am just having a fresh appreciation for being the recipient of something so valued and feeling helpless to express my gratitude. Jonah's Nana~


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