Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Few Cards I've Received

Just wanted to share with you cards that kind readers have sent me in the past month or so. Know that every single card you send ends up on my inspiration board, where I continue to get joy from it for many, many months to come!

One side of Marty's darling layered tag
in pinks and browns.

And the other side!

Lisa sent bold get-well wishes from herself and her German
shepherd Annie. I'll bet Annie and my Daisy would
have fun running around together! 

The bling and metallic accents on the front and rear bumpers
draw attention to the cute pup saying hello! 

Michelle brought together a number of different elements--die cut heart,
embossed white layer, patterned paper, hand-colored focal point--
in perfect, clean-and-simple harmony.

Janet sent me this adorable valentine-tag-in-a-bag. Note the tiny
dimensional pink heart opposite the stronger red stamped heart
under the tree. Perfect!

Many, many thanks to Janet, Michelle, Lisa, and Marty for brightening my days in February with your kindness and your talent!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. What lovely cards! It reminds me I should stop shuffling the one I have on my desk for you back and forth and just mail the thing already.


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