Friday, March 10, 2017

Cards Received

In the past week, I've received two splendid cards I simply must share.

First up, LuC sent me her unused bottle of yellow Stickles and this fabulous card, the focal point of which incorporates three of my favorite things: flowers, coffee, and the best book ever! What a great image, beautifully colored and framed with fun DP that echoes the colors of the big flower in the focal point. Gorgeous!

Next, Janet sent me a card to inspire and encourage me in my job hunt. It is splendidly shiny with silver embossing, has great use of negative space, and unites the front and inside of the card perfectly.

Check out that little silver star sticker after "bliss"!

Y'all, these two cards totally made my week. The job hunt is moving along slowly. It's a challenge to write a resume with an almost 20-year gap in it, but I'm leveraging my volunteer work as best I can. My plan is to start with an academic resume and try to get on adjunct lists at various universities in our area and then write a more corporate resume (read shorter) to explore writer/editor jobs if nothing pans out in academia. I truly would like to go back to teaching, though.

Thanks so much to LuC and Janet for lifting my spirits this week with their lovely talent and kindness!


  1. Keep the faith!! Some university will be VERY lucky to get you to work with them. hugs,

  2. Replies
    1. Check out Sunday's post. Yes. I'm looking for a job this fall.


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