Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Christmas Text

When a friend and I went to Marco's Paper in Centerville, Ohio, recently, I came out with an embarrassing amount of new stuff. Going shopping with a stampy friend does that to me.

Anyway, words are my weakness (well, one of them, anyway), and the set from Tim Holtz (Stampers Anonymous) called Stripes and Holiday Type beckoned seductively. No way could I resist.

The card is similar to the cards on this post, but I masked the border here with post-its before stamping. At that point, I wasn't sure what to do with it, so it sat unfinished--but much admired--on my desk for several days before this idea came to mind.

The holly punch seemed too pale in light green and too dark in dark green and humdrum in either, so I put them together, offset them a bit, and felt much happier. I did the same thing with the berries and then stamped "joy" in the opposite corner using Memento Luxe love letter ink. The thick pigment ink was more opaque and stood out better over the black text than a dye ink would have.

I'm going to love playing with this stamp!

For those of you interested in our new puppy, here's a picture of momma and her three little Jimmy Dean sausages...two boys and a girl. They were born last Saturday, and we get pick of the litter. We're going for whichever is the sweetest and most docile.

Momma Annie looks tired, doesn't she? Remember those days? Perhaps you're in the midst of them...but it's unlikely you have time to read this blog if you're dealing with a newborn. I remember. I even remember answering the door to sign for a UPS package with both flaps of my nursing bra turned down and wet spots on my shirt. I hadn't bathed in days. My instinct was to feel embarrassed, and then I though, "You try doing this, Mr. UPS Man!" and went back to my newborn, exhausted in every bone but happy nevertheless.

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Stampers Anonymous Stripes and Holiday Type, Winnie and Walter The Big, the Bold, and the Merry
ink: Archival black, Memento Luxe love letter
paper: Papertrey white, assorted green and red
accessories: holly and circle punches, glue pen


  1. Annie is beautiful, so I'm sure her puppies will be too. Their personalities will emerge shortly—First pick is a nice snag since there are only three! May we expect lots of photos as he/she grows?

  2. Oh Susan! I am so excited for you that you are getting a new puppy!! I love it when you post a comment about Daisy. Momma looks like an English Cream Golden. I she? We live on Vancouver Island, BC & we have an English Cream Golden He just turned 8 on July 2nd & although I keep telling him he can't get older, it just happens. lol We love him to bits!!! Best dog we've ever ever had. So calm & smart & he has the biggest soulful brown eyes I've ever seen on a dog. (I told him he had bedroom eyes. My husband was not amused...) I hope you post pictures of the little sweetie you choose & comments along the way. Our boys name is Lucas. Happy, happy, happy for you & your family.

  3. Love the card, Susan. And a new puppy - yay! Mom's faithful companion, Buddy (a Schnoodle) has adopted me as his human. And it's a good thing because I fell in love with him shortly after I moved in with Mom. He reminds me of Eyeore because he can have the saddest expressions sometimes. He started bonding with me about a month before Mom died, as Mom slowly drew away from him. He has been a salve to my wounded heart, and he is certainly a joy-bringer.

  4. Love the card!
    And how wonderful for the boys to have puppies in the house (more work for Mom!)

  5. Puppy!!!! I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on your blog, Susan! I love puppies! :-)


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