Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Incredible Color

While my watercoloring skills leave a bit to be desired, the brilliant colors of the Peerless Watercolors are incredibly beautiful. I love the purple and dark blue combined with these stamps from Hero Arts Dreams Are Made set.

The silver embossing is pretty in real life but was sort of hard to photograph. The close-up shows it better.

Many thanks to those who've offered up advice on watercoloring. I'm going to change my paper, watch a few videos you recommended, and quit messing with the paint so much. Y'all are the BEST. READERS. EVER!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,

stamps: Hero Arts Dreams Are Made
ink: clear embossing ink
paper: an icky off-brand of watercolor paper
accessories: silver detail embossing powder, heat gun, Peerless Watercolors basic set, craft foam, glue


  1. Susan, What a stunning look to this card!

  2. Oh yes, paper makes ALL the difference! And you don't need to go hog wild and buy a a block of Arches to get good results either. I love the Strathmore Ready Cut paper. It comes in hot and cold press, 25 sheets to a pack for around $6-7. Blick has them both on this link: http://www.dickblick.com/products/strathmore-ready-cut-watercolor-sheets/?clickTracking=true&wmcp=pla&wmcid=items&wmckw=10094-2000&gclid=Cj0KEQjwkZfLBRCzg-69tJy84N8BEiQAffAwqg-B-2hlH-Te1S5P9zOUfweht_bUhlJUkQWSfk5YILAaAq5f8P8HAQ I grew so frustrated on student grade paper and thought it was just my inabilities, but it was just the paper! The first time I tried this paper I got it through Joann... online only. Its more expensive there but it was on sale. The hot press is great paper for stamping. Btw, the card is beautiful! I love the flow of the snowflakes! Curious, did you stamp first and then watercolor? Or watercolor, then stamp? The colors look as though you planned them without actually painting a "flow" to match the trail of snowflakes.

  3. gorgeous colour with the silver...I am partial to blue ya know!!
    xx Karen


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