Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 6 Winner!--edited

Today's lucky number was 61, and that's Suzanne (suzydirl), who wrote:

I love yellow! It's so cheery!

I have been blessed with the greatest best friend and sister, ever. These two lovely ladies planned my 30th birthday party (which was last week) at a local steakhouse. Lots of my friends and family gathered for a great dinner, cake, drinks and my favorite... karaoke! Everyone had such a fun time. They put so much thought into every little detail (including decorating my car while I was eating!).

I never had parties growing up. But my best friend and my sister made sure my 30th went down in the history books as one to remember. I love them so very much.


March 6, 2010 9:57 PM

Congratulations, Suzanne, and a belated happy birthday! Please email me at susanraihala at woh dot rr dot com with your snail mail address so I can send you your prize!

And many, many thanks to you all who posted blessings for the last week. It was so uplifting to read all the goodness that happened (much better and in many ways more important than the evening news). My biggest blessing for the past week was three days in a row of sunshine. Haven't seen that in FOREVER, and it was so uplifting and soul-warming!

Edited to Add: Okay, Joyce, I changed the color to mustard. You're right, yellow is hard to read, but on my screen it was at least read-able. All screens show color differently, though, and hopefully this is dark enough for everyone!


  1. I like yellow too....but not in print on the's so hard to need to publish this at all...just wanted to let you know in the nicest possible way.
    Thanks Joyce


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