Monday, March 15, 2010

Inspiration from Heather Petry

Heather Petry had an absolutely gorgeous clean-and-simple card published in the spring issue of Take Ten. It's simply perfect, don't you think?

I love Heather's card, with its beautiful blue wash and coordinating ribbon. Happy sigh. Unfortunately, I have nothing even close to this ribbon in any color. Also, my tree is much less dense than hers (can you believe I don't have that Hero Arts set?), so I went with a lighter, smaller sentiment and put it in black to give it some umph. Besides, all pink looked sort of flat on the plain white background. And of course I blinged. Or is it blanged? (I really have to decide what the proper past tense of to bling is.)

A Bit of Personal News: Happy Monday morning to you! I'm enjoying a visit with my mom, sister, niece, and two nephews. Yep. Baby Grady is cooing and giggling and generously bestowing baby spit on one and all in my home. Pictures soon.

And you should all know that my sister absolutely believes that the reason Grady is here and happy and healthy is through the kind prayers of all my blog readers. Thank you so very much! As my friend Patti would say,

"May the blessings of the Lord chase you down and overtake you and tickle you until you are crying with joy."

stamps: Hero Arts
paper: PTI white
ink: VersaColor opera pink, Palette noir
accessories: ribbon, gemstones


  1. wonderful card....
    Enjoy a great visit with your family....give Baby Grady a snuggle from me....

  2. I think the past tense is "done did bling".

  3. Frankly, I like your card better. How fun for you to have family with you! Especially a baby.

  4. How nice Grady and family has come to visit! Please tell Grady's mom that we are happy he's doing so well, and we'll continue to keep Grady and his family in our prayers.
    I love your friend Patti's saying! --- can you make a card that would go with that? A challenge!
    And I love today's card. Pure CAS!

  5. Then there's always "of course I blung it!" Enjoy that family visit!

  6. You blung it soooooo perfectly. How stunning you can make bling, which I think of as formal, go with gingham, which I think of as ultra-casual. I NEVER would have even tried it, much less put the perfect stamp and sentiment with it.

    As for Grady, what a joy to know he's such a medical success! And how fun for Nick and Jack, watching someone that tiny get big enough to go to school.


  7. Love your card, especially the rounded corners and bling. So happy for Grady and his entire family -- so nice to be together. May I borrow your friend's quote for a card? That is so uplifting!

  8. Love the card, and I love your friend's quote, Can I borrow it too? So glad little Grady is doing so well.

    On another note thank you so much for my candy, it arrived this weekend, and brightened up an otherwise difficult weekend! Can't wait to experiment with aqua (Can't wait for some child free time!)

    Many Thanks
    Hev :)

  9. What a great card.
    I am so happy that Grady is doing so well.
    I love Patti's saying. I will have to use that!

  10. Love that card! Happy to hear that baby Grady is well and drooling like a good un! Jo x

  11. Another lovely card -- and a lovely visit to go with it!
    Oh, I still vote for "blang," but "done did bling" did make me LOL!!

  12. Another wonderful card, Susan - as always:)

  13. Such a perfect, pretty, pink card. Wonderful to hear that Grady is doing so well.
    And a question connected to yesterday's card... is "craft floss" different from embroidery floss? maybe I just need to get out (to stamping stores) more. :P

  14. I think I like your card better. You should look into getting published. Enjoy your family time we are praying for a neice or nephew at the moment.
    joy and laughter to you

  15. I love your card - better than the original one IMHO. Enjoy your visit with your family and give Grady a hug from me.

  16. How nice that your family is visiting! Enjoy! Love the thank you card! Thank YOU!

  17. So pleased Grady is such a sharing baby!!!! Hope you and your family have a great time together.
    I think I would like your friend Pattie .... what a great sentiment.
    I like Heathers card but in IMO your card is much more cheerful (could just be the photo of course)


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