Thursday, March 18, 2010

Subtle Doesn't Photograph Well

It's really annoying that some of my all-time favorite cards look a bajillion times better in real life, and when I share them with the world here, they just look, well, flat? Boring? Dull? You think of an adjective. But keep it to yourself. I don't want to hear it.

This card looks FABULOUS in real life.

You'll just have to trust me on this and give it a try yourself. You won't regret it.

Simplicity Tip: When you stamp something this simple, the images must be perfect. This was my third try. There is simply no place to hide a will glare out at you reproachfully. To help with placement, use a grid of some sort under the card to allow you to line things up well. The grid can be simple graph paper, SU's grid pad, a cutting mat, whatever. With clear sentiments, use an acrylic block that has lines. With rubber, use a stamp positioner. Even with these assists, you'll screw it up sometimes. IT DOES NOT MATTER BECAUSE IT'S ONLY PAPER! My two failed cards have been cut up for scraps. It's the most satisfying way to get the card back for glaring at you reproachfully. Tomorrow, I'll show two cards that use those scraps. Revenge is sweet.

stamps: Hero Arts
paper: PTI white
ink: VersaMagic sahara sand, Versacolor bamboo
accessories: Nada


  1. Darling card, Susan! It would make a cute notecard, too. Thanks for the great tip, too! I'm going to have to start using my lined acrylic block and stampamajig, especially when I put rubber sentiments on a card. Too many times I've completed a perfect card, only to get the sentiment crooked. It's maddening!

    that's my adjective!!
    you are soo clever.
    love it.
    marty ferraro

  3. That squirrel is almost unbearably cute.

    Also, I've been thinking about this whole bling/blinged issue, and it seems to me that the past tense of bling should be blang.

    I am going to bling up this card.
    I blang that card good!
    I have blung four cards so far this morning.

    Just my opinions. Why make the English language (and various made-up words within it) any easier?

  4. Sorry I haven't commented on the last few cards - but I wanted to say I've been loving all your posts. This is no exception!

  5. I so agree with you - this is adorable!
    I also agree re the precision. I've stamped sentiments just a tad too strongly and voila! scrap. It takes just that tad over to really blow up on your card. Early on I started making 2 layer cards for this very reason. Oddly enough, I rarely mess up with my elaborate colouring-lol.

  6. I agree that it is always so frustrating when a photo of a card does not do the card in real life justice! But we have all been there so, I don't know about anyone else, but I automatically assume every card looks better in real life!!

    I love that squirrel - he has the best tail!!!!

  7. Ah, my favorite incredibly simple it is to wreck the card you just spent 2 days on!

    Using a T-square, ruler, stamp-a-ma-jig and determination all help SOME, but Heather is right......a tad over can totally wreck it. Now, for my hundredth try at making a butterfly grid like yesterday's card, or ANY grid for that matter. I WILL master this, no matter how long it takes.

  8. I have been following your blog since the beginning but have not yet commented. This time I had to! The only adjective I would give this card is stunning. Your work is fabulous!

  9. Y'know, you don't actually have to leave it up to my could SEND me the card!

    Actually, my problem is just the opposite: your cards look luxurious but when I re-create them they look, well, plain, boring and dull. I use great 110lb white paper from my LSS ($5 for 10 sheets! I'm keeping them in business) but still. What am I doing wrong?
    Sarah (Kegbo)

  10. I have enjoyed visiting your blog a while now and am finally taking the plunge to make a comment - just wanted to say that I really enjoy your sense of humour. Love your artistic style also!

  11. I don't think your cards are flat at all, they are awesome. I am loving simple cards these days; it's just about all I am making.

    I agree about the precision they require, and glad I'm not the only one that has to stamp again and again. I thought I had OCD or ADD.

  12. killer cute. I am so impressed that you pulled this off so well. and thank you for your honesty letting us know that there were goofs a long the way.

  13. Isn't frustrating when your photo will just not tell the true story! I can tell this card would be even cooler in real life. Clean, simple with just the right layout and elements.

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble photographing cards with lots of white space. It is frustrating. I'm not a photographer and digital is suppose to make it easy - not always. I still love this card.

  15. SO cute! I love squirrels and hence I LOVE this card!!


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