Sunday, March 14, 2010

Using Craft Floss on a CAS Card

I included lengths of craft floss in most of the Rainbow Mojo give-away packets, but I haven't really showed a card using it. So here you go. I even tied it in a bow.

That little mushroom is from a clear Hero Arts set and is just too cute. This simple 4.25-inch card demonstrates an easy way to use outline images quickly and easily...without coloring.

In the comments for the last post, Harriet asked if I ever submit my cards for publication. Not yet. I'm thinking about it, though.

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Versamagic persimmon, sahara sand
cardstock: PTI white
accessories: craft floss, dimensionals


  1. I hope you do submit for publication - you surely would be accepted. This is a wonderful card. Where do you get the "floss"? I've never heard of it before.

  2. you definitely should submit, my first card was picked up this weekend and it feels so darn good!

  3. Oh how pretty! I looove the orange, and that surprises me! I've never seen the floss used, and I'm so glad you showed us. It's a great alternative to ribbon, and you don't have to obsess over the bow! You should DEFinitely submit your work for publication; I'm sure you'd be so successful. Just don't quit your blog!

  4. I agree that you should submit, everyone secretly loves CAS cards even if they don't openly admit it! Fun card today.

  5. I've never seen the floss before either. My Wish List expandeth, of course.

    Nor have I ever looked at a magazine in which you might be published. Do you have a favorite magazine?

    Putting myself in your shoes, contemplating which card to submit for publication, I cracked on earth would you choose, when every card is a ten plus?

  6. Mary Dawn, Congratulations!

    Susie, I bought the floss at Hobby Lobby, but I can't remember which department. It comes in multipacks of lots of colors and is very inexpensive. It won't hurt your wallet at all. I like it better than DMC floss (cross-stitch floss)because it's tidier and doesn't separate.

    Bahb, I like pretty much all the magazines because I find inspiration in all of them. And not all my cards make me happy. For every card I show on the blog, I've made ten I'm not wild about.

    The big problem with submitting to mags is the time commentment. With three blogs, two kids, a DH and volunteer work, I'm happy to get time to stamp at all. Giving some of that time over to submissions when there's such a big chance of rejection seems a bit like work.

  7. Susan why would you think your work would be rejected? Surely this blog is testament to your ability. I hear what you say but I still say go for it (believe me it really does feel good when accepted)
    This card is just so sweet, I love using floss when you know you need something but ribbon is just too heavy. I totally agree that this type of floss (called Pearl Cotton over here) works better than the stranded thread although I have been known to use it ;)

  8. Susan, I was so sorry to hear about your dog's recent diagnosis. We have only just begun life with our own pup and he's such a part of the family now. I am thinking of you. *hugs and much love* Julie

  9. I've never heard of this *floss* before but love the way it looks and sounds so easy to use!

    I think all your cards are worthy of submission but fully understand your hesitancy when you take into consideration your 3 blogs, your DH, family, volunteering, etc :o)

  10. Hey, I have that cute little mushroom stamp too! I might just have to pull it out and make a CAS card wtih it. I love what you have done with the floss....a bow and everything!! And it's about time you submit some of your amazing cards for publication ... I am guaranteeing you will get published! Go girl!!!

  11. susan, can you submit your cards as a fun thing, and not as a work.kind of thing? you know, if they shoulf NOT choose your card it would be because their shoes are too tight, or their hearts are 2 sizes too small?!!
    because we girls here in
    COMMENTS.ON.SIMPLICITY land know what a terrific talent you are!!
    thanks for another great card.
    marty ferraro

    that twine does look like perle cotton. it comes in zillion colors, several thicknessess, and doesn't separate into strands like embroidery floss.

  12. Actually you could publish your own CASE magazine--I'd buy it!

  13. Good point Shirley N! You do publish - every day - a remarkable feat. If I ran a magazine I would have a blog surfer who would be cruisin' looking for talent - and I would be calling you!

  14. save up a couple that you post (the ones you DO like...not the 10 you don't! lol) and pop them in an envelope over to take ten. I used to do it...they'll even send you an "artist comp" magazine...which is awesome...since they're like $15!! I thought take ten started getting too much like stampers samper...not as much multimedia, but much more time consuming examples than "ten minute" cards, which they were supposed to showcase...i mean, 10 layer challenges don't meet my idea of "10 minutes!" YOU would show them what it's supposed to be about! Good luck!!

  15. love the floss! It's just what the card needs. I love your simple cards, they are so beautiful. I am adopting a simple clean look in my cards and scrapbook pages and am much more satisfied.

  16. Lovely! The color is so great and really pops.

  17. Seriously, Susan, you should. Your cards are absolutely fabulous with each simple elegance or charm they project. I love your designs.

  18. So cute and so simple! Love it!
    You should submit!!! I would be surprised if your cards weren't accepted!


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