Monday, March 22, 2010

For My Mother

I've mentioned before that my mother asked me to make a bunch of birthday and all-occasion cards for her. When she visited last week, I gave her what I'd made so far (most of which were layered and had colored bases and such), and her favorites were the white-base, one-layer cards. Go figure. I decided there was simply no need to worry about making her anything else. The woman has taste.

So I made this:

And I'm so much happier with the assignment now. In fact, I feel like singing. But you don't want to hear that. Really. My voice is the stuff of nightmares. It will make you wince and wish for earplugs. So just enjoy the card and then go listen to this.

BTW (and veering wildly off topic), don't you miss the Mike Douglas Show? And early 70s unisex hair? Okay, maybe not the hair. Doesn't the poor sound quality of the video link remind you of old 8-track tapes? Warped record albums? Ah, the good ol' days...when I was seven and wore embroidered bell-bottom jeans and beaded headbands and watched Sigmund the Sea Monster and didn't understand the phrase "mystic crystal revelations" in the song Aquarius. Well, I'm still not sure exactly what "mystic crystal revelations" are because I was a good girl and didn't do drugs. But you gotta love the styrofoam balls.

There's card inspiration in these two videos, don't you think? Have at it, if you feel the urge. Then show us what you did.

stamps: Hero Arts, Papertrey (Birds of a Feather)
ink: Palette dark chocolate, SU markers (pixie pink, green galore, almost amethyst)
paper: PTI white
accessories: ribbon, dimensional


  1. no wonder you mom was so happy with the cards...sure they were all great.
    Ohhhh....moan...that video transports you into the

  2. Your mother has excellent taste! This is lovely.

  3. My computer doesn't have sound. :-(

    Love the card and appreciate the inspiration because I have many music-themed stamps I've never used. They belong with birds.....why didn't I think of that?

    Lucky Gal, your Mom!

  4. A beautiful card. I also love the white cards with white ribbon and just a small touch of bright color. Perfect!

  5. hehehheehehe - you are so funny! I do love your little bird and glad you are happier with your assignment!!

  6. Great card, keep up the good work for your Mom.
    You and I are pretty close in age and I do not remember a lot of what you are talking about, perhaps I have blocked it out. But I am giggling just the same.

  7. Love the white card look!
    I remember the MD show -eeks! I also remember the Coke commercials and still think it was one of their best ideas.
    Remember the puppies and little kids? All giggling as they spilled over onto eachother...loved that!

  8. Love the card! Love the groovy songs!

  9. The Mike Douglas Show! teehee Although it seemed my mom preferred Merv Griffin. Oh, and the Dinah Shore Show!
    But back to the real point... this is a lovely card today. I _need_ more music-related stamps, really I do... :)

  10. Oh my word! Those videos were a most excellent diversion from the days events! Love the card!

  11. Susan this is precious! LOVE the popped up bird...Your Mom is very blessed to have you as her daughter!

  12. PRECIOUS card...just love the cartoon/artsy feel I get from and the colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing these with us!


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