Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Year's Resolution Revisited

In January, 2009, I resolved to use every image stamp I own. There was no time limit on this resolution whatsoever, so it's still a work in progress. I decided to take out this cute Hero Arts set and play around very deliberately with different styles and colors and layouts.

One of the results of that happy play time is this totally flat one-layer card I just adore:

Aren't those colors yummy? The images are stamped in Palette dark chocolate and colored with Sharpies. No shading or anything, you know, technique-y. Plain ol' ink and paper. I thought about bling or rounding the bottom corners and just couldn't bring myself to mess with it.

Restraint can totally pay off sometimes. *squeal*

Over the next few days, I'll show some other cards I made with this set, and two of them even have THREE layers and colored card bases. Oh. My. Gosh. What is the world coming to?

Lincoln Update: For those of you praying for little Lincoln Hammett, there is a new Caring Bridge update. He's in remission at the moment, but they may or may not be able to do the transplant. He's one very sick baby.

Family Visit: I'll be posting about it on Questioning my Intelligence in the next day or two. What a lovely, lovely visit!

stamps: Hero Arts
paper: PTI
ink: Palette
accessories: sharpies


  1. *Squeal* is right! I love this card!!

    I'll keep praying for little Lincoln.

  2. Love your card -great image. I pray for Lincoln each day.

  3. Simply divine. I have a hard time with restraint.

    my restraints out the window.
    this card is fantabulous, and i am on my way to the store for that stamp set.
    i love the colors.
    you are awesome!!
    enjoy your family :)
    marty ferraro

  5. Gorgeous, just love the simplicity. How do I get hold of some of that restraint? Lol! Heather:)

  6. Very pretty and inspiring me to do a no-layer card!

  7. This really is a fabulous one layer card! I love the orange and green together.

  8. Great card - I would've given in and chomped a corner but I'm not known for my restraint!

  9. ***sigh*** Wowed again... thank you for the inspiration - I suddenly have a few stamps that will now earn their keep! :)

  10. Love how this came together- the colours are sweet and spring-y!
    Looks like more time was used to make this, which is always a good thing.

  11. This is superb Susan, I just love how it goes off the edge and the colours are fab!

    I've been on a bit of a simpler kick lately, I think you'll like a few of the most recent updates on my blog!

  12. Great card! Sharpies - who would have thought. I have to borrow my daughter's sometime, she is the Sharpie Queen....

  13. I love this CAS card. Your restraint
    paid off-- it is perfect as is.

  14. Love this card. I'm a big fan of off-the-edge image positioning, and it works so well here.

  15. Love this card Susan! The colors are happy! I am so sorry to hear about your pet...Big hugs coming your way...Cookie

  16. The font of the sentiment is perfect, yet I wouldn't have chosen it, so now I have to figure out WHY it is perfect?

    Still also pondering why my off-the-edge images look like mistakes.

    Love the card of course!

  17. ***sigh*** Please can you bottle your restraint/talent, I'm sure you would make a fortune selling it to the rest of us who are so challenged in these areas ;)
    Love the 'off the edge' stamping ... super simple card.

  18. What a wonderful, happy card. You totally inspire me to do a OLC...not so good at that.

  19. Technique-y finally clicked for me. Now I know why I love your blog so much. So many others use layer upon layer of techniques that wear me out just looking at them. Keeping it simple really takes a lot of creativity to make it work--and yours definitely work! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  20. What a winner of a card. You were right to stop when you did, but that can take a lot of 'guts'


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