Thursday, April 8, 2010

Christmas Sketch Inspiration #1

Papercrafts Magazine just came out with a special issue called Go-To Sketches. It's a bit expensive, so in order to justify the cost, I came up with an elaborate and possibly stupid plan to use as many of the sketches as possible.

To make Christmas cards.

Because it's April, and I'm behind in making Christmas cards.

"Behind?" you ask.

Yes, behind. I'll make about 200 Christmas cards this year, with very few exact duplicates because making more than one or two of something is tedious and dull and completely incompatible with my crafter ADD. Mass production would drive me crazy and make me pitch all my stamps in the trash.

We don't want that, now, do we?

Of course not, because then I'd have to go into therapy and psychologists are so annoying sometimes (not you, Donelda...never you!). So I'm going to use as many of the sketches in Go-To Sketches as I can to make Christmas cards and USE MY CHRISTMAS STAMPS. Or at least as many as I can.

If you care to join me, please go buy the magazine. I'm not going to post photos of all the sketches because I'm sure that would violate copyright or habeus corpus or e pluribus unum. Well, you get the idea. I'm no lawyer like Joan B, but I whacked knuckles in freshman comp classes when students plagiarized.

Besides, we've had enough papercraft magazines fold in the last few years. I wept when Simple Scrapbooks stopped printing and have barely scrapped since. I'd like Papercrafts to hang around.

The first sketch I'm posting is from Teri Anderson. Isn't she DA BOMB!?!? I've admired her work for a long time. She's very versatile, and her designs are so fresh. I'd never in a million years come up with a sketch like this.

I moved the three little embellishments to the bottom because something about my version looked weirdly unbalanced. I think it might be that the poinsettias are too big/heavy/dense for the white space and wonder if I used the outline version of the stamp instead of the solid block stamp if that would lighten it up enough to follow the sketch more precisely. Or maybe I just need to use the smaller poinsettia in the set. Whatever. The samples in the magazine that follow the sketch exactly are LOVELY.

But then, so is my version. *giggle*

stamps: PTI Merry and Bright (sentiment), Peaceful Poinsettia
ink: Colorbox chalk, Palette Noir
paper: PTI white, SU real red
accessories: cool little bling sent to me by twinkletoes, dimensionals


  1. are good...working on your Christmas cards!! I just can't go there.
    Your card is just great....I don't have that magazine but almost everywhere I am seeing sketches and links back to see it posted. It is really hard to find here where I live unless I order it online which right now I can't seem to be bothered with....must have the rainy day blah!!

  2. Morning
    You could have designed this is very your style. I think the bling balances it all out. Yet another spectacular card.

    I am assembly lining 150 wedding gatefold wedding invitations with 3 layers on front, an insert, a response card and table setting cards. I feel your pain when mass producing!!!!
    patti moffett

  3. I like the gems at the bottom ... and the rest of the card of course.
    Nice sketch ... just your style :)

  4. Lovely! (As usual.) I should start with the Christmas cards too, I guess -- I like your idea of justifying a purchase by using it to death -- thanks for the enabling!

  5. I like your justification for buying the Go-To Sketches issue. Works for me! I'm going to pick it up today.

    Beautiful card. The bling at the bottom works.

  6. what a fabulous idea and a great way to justify the purchase. I know I bought the magazine too and almost choked at the cost. If you don't mind I think I will follow suit and do the same thing. I don't make 200 Christmas cards I usually do about 100 but like you I don't make duplicates either.

  7. Susan! How funny, just yesterday on my blog I posted my master plan for getting my money's worth out of the same book-a-zine! I'm doing one card for each sketch, in order, whether I love the sketch or not. So far so good, I've done the first 10 sketches and had a great time.

    Your idea is super fun too! You are going to have the most fun Christmas card collection! I love today's card. Very "you". :)

  8. How gorgeous! I can't believe how well some layouts work. I'd have looked at that sketch, and just gone completely by it. But you, in your oh-so-smartness, recognized it as a prize, and worked it. Your card is just beautiful! I understand you have to pick just the right flower, sentiment, embellishment, etc. to make it so lovely, and you have! I just love the beauty and simplicity of this, while the whole effect is so very striking. Gorgeous, Susan. Now I'm going to have to go to Barnes & Noble and find that great magazine!

  9. That's so awesome!!! Love that card!

  10. Gorgeous! Love your attitude about making individual cards for Christmas, but I seem to lack the discipline all through the year. You've inspired me. We seem to have a hard time getting these mags in Canada for some reason, so maybe I'll just follow your examples!

  11. love what sue said...
    that's perfect.
    love this card. and love your ambition to start with christmas cards. your cost effective thinking is priceless, and i think i'm off to try the same thing.
    you are the BEST!!!
    marty ferraro

  12. I am humbled by your Plan. If I get any Cmas cards made at all, it's usually on the 24th of December. I should just give it up and send Happy Groundhog's Day cards.

    But now I'm going to have to get this magazine. Seriously.

  13. Oh, oh, oh! I love this!

  14. What a fantastic card and a fantastic idea! Seriously strange that I woke up thinking about Christmas cards this morning. Of course it doesn't mean that I'll actually make any LOL But you I seriously applaud.

  15. Love the card. Not ready to think about Christmas yet. ugh.

  16. Two hundred cards! I don't even know that many people. You must be very popular! My goal is to make 50 this year and I'm doing pretty good so far.

    I like your justification for buying a new magazine. Yes, if you are making that many and not making duplicates then you need more ideas.

    I love this one. I like the balance of the large poinsettias and the three small pearls. The red frame really sets it all off.

  17. I love this card! But, then again, I love everything you make. :)

    My magazine should be on my way to me. Can't wait to see it in person. ...and for those looking for the magazine, today is the last day you can order it directly from PaperCrafts and get 20% off and free shipping! Use code "SKETCH20" in the promotion box when you checkout. Here's a link...

  18. Thanks for the information, berryblue! Hope some people see this and take advantage!

  19. Love the card!! And good on you for starting so early. Trying to not make more than 1 or 2 of each design would probably stretch my creativity too far, so it's mass producing for me! :)

  20. Ah, red and white, I think my favourite Christmas combo. I like the way the bling at the bottom balances the card. I can't start Christmas cards until July, as I only need to make about three dozen. If I start any sooner, I'm done before the snow flies! I make occasional duplicates of the ones my husb REALLY likes. I'm nice that way. ;)

  21. I've never seen a craft magazine, so thanks for the tip and I'm off to order a subscription.

    Not sure how the sketches help, since the sketch is in the designer's head, as a finished product, and not in mine. But it will be fun to try anyway.

  22. Wish I was as organised as you Susan. Love your card, yes its a great sketch but you performed the magic my dear! Jo x

  23. Susan, I love your plan!! I just bought this issue (I'm worth it!!) and you have inspired me to get started on my Christmas cards as well! Your take on the sketch is beautiful...thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration you give us!


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