Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank you, Marty!

Yesterday, I retrieved our mail and found a bubble envelope with my name on it. Huh? I hadn't ordered anything. The return address said it was from Marty Ferraro, a lovely woman who comments frequently here and on my other blog, Questioning my Intelligence. Oh.My.Gosh. Another RAK!

Y'all are spoilin' me...and I love you for it!

Inside the envelope, I found two stamps and a lovely card, which I will post later. I ran (literally RAN!) upstairs and made a card I've wanted to make for YEARS but never had the right stamp for. Thanks to Marty, I was able to make this:

This works for the CAS61 challenge, too. I've seen cards like this for years with clever sentiments like "you color my world." But Picasso's statement truly speaks for me. I'm so dependent on my creative time that I can't believe I once lived without an artistic outlet in my life. Art is better than therapy (believe me, I know!) and definitely washes the dust of life away in a rainbow of happiness.

Yeah, I'm sappy that way.

This card was made using watercolor crayons colored directly on the pre-made watercolor card (Fabriano Mediovalis...that's not how you spell it, but it's close. I think). Anyway, I colored the crayons on the card, then took a wet watercolor wash brush (flat and broad) and smooged water over each color, allowing them to blend in between. I cleaned the brush between colors. The black gemstones are Hero Arts.

Marty, thank you so much for your kindness in thinking of me and sending such a special package. YOU ROCK!!!


Imagine my surprise when I got an email from alert reader Prema yesterday telling me orchid opulence had been discontinued. WHAT?!?! I went straight to SCS and saw multiple threads on the changes in SU's color families.

Change is scary and frustrating...especially if you're a new demo or customer who only recently invested in what are now discontinued colors. For people in those positions, I'm sending you cyber-hugs. Big ones.

I'm not a demo and also not an SU-only stamper, so I'm not frustrated. Last night, I reorganized my SU cardstock and inks by color rather than family--something I've been too afraid to do until now. It'll take getting used to, but I bet I'm going to love it. I'm also thrilled that pink pirouette, river rock, and wild wasabi are coming back (I missed the pink last time around and will definitely be buying it). But why oh why isn't cool caribbean coming back?!?!?

I'll surely miss some of the discontinued colors, especially bordering blue and almost amethyst (not fairy vomit, though). But I'll also be using more of my PTI cardstock and investing in the coordinating inks.

In the end, my most used color of cardstock is WHITE, so really, there's no need for me to be concerned. Right now, I'm just happy fairy vomit is going away.

For those who are feeling like your world just got rocked, and NOT in a good way, try to let it all out, cuss, shout, use ALL CAPS. I understand.

Hugs to you.


  1. This is so colorful Susan! I love the watercolor look. It's just fabulous.

  2. PERFECT again ! I have that same stamp only the "Art" is replaced by "Music". Either is true, but I would rather mine said "art" so I could case this fabulous card.

    If anyone finds an ink color that approximates Almost Amethyst, please holler. I had that on my list of things to order at a Stampin' Up party May 7th (along with the discontinued Delights of Life stamp) because I've never seen Almost Amethyst in real life and really, really NEED it.


  3. Susan, that is a positively gorgeous card.......made absolutely perfect by that stamp. I agree; that stamp says it better than any other art stamp I've seen. May I ask which company made it? It's just so beautifully put I'd like to have it. As for the SU's CS color changes, I have a few really favorite ones (Certainly Celery is probably my all-time fave), but I don't mind that they change them around. However, that might be because I now buy more PTI than anything else. And as you said, Susan, I've been using less color and more white lately, so the color lasts longer. Anyhoo, today's card is gorgeous.

  4. Just the perfect card! Love it and it inspires me lots!

  5. I was over at SCS looking at the C&S gallery and loved this card but didn't look close enough to realize that it was yours - great job!!

  6. Oh powerful one! You say the words "Fairy Vomit" and poof, it disappears! I LOVE the change (but like you, am sad that cool caribbean didn't make the cut - I'll keep hoarding my precious card stock!)

    Love the card and the sentiment is perfect!

    Now, I have a few other things that you could 'poof' for me if you have the time..... LOL!

  7. Beautiful card!!! I have that same stamp and just love it! I bought it the second I saw it and haven't see it again. So glad you got one. It just screams "you!" because your work is always art!

  8. What a beautiful card, Susan! The colors are so striking I had to look again when you mentioned the black gemstones. My eyes were totally focussed on the gorgeous colors and sentiment (which I also have in my collection) :) tfs

  9. Yay!!! I have this stamp and must now recreate this card!!! Do you mind if I CASE it .....over and over again?!? ;o)

    I'm a little peeved about the color change with SU! I'm a hobbyist demo, but am seriously considering jumping my "demoship" now. I've been spending more on PTI for the past several months anyway.

    I have to ask ....which color is "fairy vomit"?!?!? Too funny!! Thanx for the laugh!

  10. Hi Susan, I love all your creations! I subscribed to e-mail notices and cannot wait for the daily updates! Your work is just super.
    Thanks for sharing all your creations with us!
    Stamping hugs.

  11. Love the card. I'm going to CAS it for some ATC cards I have to make. Thanks!!!


  12. what a fun card and the saying is great. i've been wanting to try out this technique/look too but just don't have the right stamp day.

  13. This is an awesome card....I could not pull this one off at all!
    I am reserving comment on the SU issue for now.....sad to see some of the blues go, that's all I'll say!

  14. Beautiful card and what a fabulous stamp and great package you received!

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful CAS ideas -- they always inspire me :o)

  15. Love the card and truly LOL @ your SU "humble musings". I am a demo and I am in love with the new changes. I made the decision when I started 3 years ago to order the spots instead of the pads (just too cheap, lol) I do order the In Color pads every year though and so those are mostly my go to colors. So, I guess I don't have the neg feelings that a lot are having. I think the new color collections are awesome and am so excited to be getting some of my faves back! Hope that more people can embrace the change as time goes on. Love your site and your work is just fabulous!

  16. Susan, I gasped when I saw this card. It's just that fabulous!

  17. Love your card. Love all your cards! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    I was a little shocked and upset over SU's color renovation. But if they didn't update every few years, all of our kitchen appliances would still be avocado!

  18. Thanks for this beautiful card and for explaining the technique. It's now on my list of things to try. I had never seen it before.

  19. What a gorgeous card. My watercolour crayons are in their unopened box; I think I'll just have to crack it open now. Funny... even though I think of myself as mostly right-brained, I will pbly have to ROYGBIV the colours. You didn't! And probably wisely, now that I think of the overall effect more...
    As to SU... maybe it's good that I'm a primitive stamper. I tend to think of my cs colours as "red", "purple", "blue", not in alliterative names. But to never experience fairy vomit? Sigh.

  20. Yeah, Lindsey, I went out of the usual rainbow order on purpose. I wanted to make it a cheerier card and thought by bookending the spectrum with red and orange, it would be more cheerful. Not sure it does that, but I like it anyway.


  21. I love this stamp! I see a few have noted they own it and I'd love to know the company...!
    The SU! kerfuffle doesn't bother me at all as I have never used their products. I do have the stamp scrubber as it was given to me as a gift -love it! but haven't tried anything else from them. I guess dc'd shades of paper would be as frustrating as dc'd shades of lipstick. That can be annoying.

  22. Great card, Susan! Love the colors - and what a nice group of blog friends you have :)
    I'm a hobby demo for SU, so seeing the color change is more exciting than frustrating for me. The colors I love are either staying or being kind of replaced with new versions. And almost all of my favorite in-colors are returning, so I won't have to hoard quite so much! (I'm with you on cool caribbean, though!)

    And to Bahb, and you, and anyone else looking for a retiring color -- you have until the end of June to stock up on any of the 30 retiring colors, so fret not! Even fairy vomit, if you so choose! Now go call your demos.

  23. what a great the rainbow. I was thinking about you the other night...when you asked us about the last time we saw a rainbow. Now I hadn't seen one in years but there was a glorious double rainbow over the house the other night. I thought...'Susan would love to see this' and here you are making a rainbow card!!
    I also remembered I own that sentiment and need to get it out and use it. My stamping space 'sucks' and I want to be more organized but can't be due to space restraints.
    I don't own a lot of SU darn expensive here in the colours you use though.

  24. Thank goodness for your sensible musings regarding SU colours, didn't ever really subscribe to the colour families just liked what I liked. Will still have a fair amount of cardstock I will never use (all those lilac/lavender colours don't appeal). I very much like your idea of puting colour hues together. Great card by the way.

  25. Your rainbow really does justice to the sentiment ... love it. Off to see if I can find that stamp then I could CAS you (again!!!)

  26. Gasp! This is perfection!!

    I'll bite... what color is fairy vomit? If they would bring back soft sky, I will be a happy camper!

  27. Pat,

    Fairy vomit is orchid opulence. Blech.

    I was pulling for cool caribbean to come back. Can't believe they didn't!


  28. Beautiful card, Susan. I love the way you combined the colors. That would make a great background for many "quote" stamps, but is absolutely perfect for this one.

  29. hi susan,
    glad you enjoyed the stamp. your card is PERFECT, and i need to thank you for creating it!
    you are truly awesome!
    marty ferraro

  30. OMGosh, Susan, this card is out of this world! I love it.

  31. Hey Susan! Here's my attempt at CASEing your amazing card. Thanx for the inspiration ...every day!!

  32. I just found you this week and can't believe how inspired you have made me. The Picasso quote is perfect!!! I would also LOVE to know who makes this stamp. Thanks for sharing your gifts with me.

  33. I love the quote with the card. You've combined the two perfectly! I've been waiting (for what? i don't know) to get that "you color my world" stamp because I have a card in my head, as well. No hurry, I guess. Thanks for reminding me.

  34. Perfect backdrop for your new stamp.

    I have all my SU stuff organized by color rather than family and I find I use it so much more that way.

    I was surprised that they are discontinuing so many of their colors. A few of them are ones I use frequently so I guess I'll have to stock up. The others (including your most fave orchid) are ones I only use on occasion so I'm not sure if I'll just let them go the way of mint melody and mauve mist (retired 2005).

  35. What an absolutely stunning card! The rainbow of colours is just gorgeous! I have never tried watercolours they kind of scare me!
    A favourite for sure!

  36. Oh my gosh, I love this card so so so much!! I have that same stamp. I totally need to CASE this!! And wow, I think you may have changed my life - I'm totally going to rearrange my drawers of SU papers now - in rainbow order not color family order!! SQUEAL! (yes it's the small things that excite me, LOL!)


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