Friday, April 2, 2010

Inspired by a RAK from Girlgeek101

After I had admired girlgeek101's gallery at SCS, she sent me a RAK that included a number of her fabulous cards, a few blank cards, some mat board tiles, and a roll of yummy white satin-and-sheer ribbon. It was a box full of goodness, and it totally made my month! Thanks, girlgeek!

This card stood out as particularly beautiful. Notice how perfectly the rich colors blend (harder to do than it looks!) and the way her brilliantly colorful tile pops off the black swiss-dot embossed background. The butterfly stickers bring together all the background colors perfectly and add even more dimension. Happy sigh.

Since girlgeek101 had included some tiles in her RAK, I decided to try to duplicate her card. I have a nice selection of the LuminArte iridescent watercolors but have not done much with them at all...certainly not enough to use them as skillfully as girlgeek did. Still, even though my card lacks the intense glow of the original, I'm pretty pleased at my first effort.

My watercolor background isn't as nicely blended as that of the original, especially between the blue and orange. Notice how asymmetrical hers is, compared to mine...seriously, I tried to get the lovely, dynamic curves of blending she got, but mine came out all horizontal, static bands. Hmm. Must practice more. Since my background didn't have the movement and smoothness of hers, I decided to use a single, larger stamp that gave some asymmetry to the design and three butterflies to harmonize the whole thing and to cover up some spots that needed to be covered.

My colors didn't pop off the black as well as girlgeek's, so I used an idea from another of her RAK cards and outlined my tile with a gold pen. That really helped my paler colors stand out more.

Since I had nothing even close to the puffy butterfly stickers, I opted for some iridescent cardstock from Marco's Paper and Martha Stewart punches. The gold and orange cardstocks didn't look good at all, but the blue at least matched my background, even if it does look a tad flat. Some orange bling helped integrate the background and the butterflies a bit.

The result of my effort is nowhere near as satisfying as girlgeek's original, but I couldn't care less. First of all, I have her lovely card on my inspiration board to enjoy. Second, for two days, I played, really played, in my craft room doing things I don't normally do. Watercolor blending? Four colors on one card? Black, textured card base? So what if it's not perfect? It was FUN. And that, my friends, is what this hobby ought to be all about.

So here's my Friday challenge to you: use something you're not good at or don't use often to make a card. AND HAVE FUN!

Remember that today is Good Friday, the day of the Crucifixion. Given the fact that I spent Palm Sunday driving a rental van through wind and rain and clouds, Easter has sort of ambushed me this year. For Christian believers, Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection are the basis of faith, and they should be foremost in our thoughts all year long, not just in Holy Week. In the words of Charles Wesley,

Hymns of praise then let us sing, Alleluia!
Unto Christ, our heavenly King, Alleluia!
Who endured the cross and grave, Alleluia!
Sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia!

Happy Easter, everyone.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous card!

    May your Easter weekend be filled with blessings, love, laughter and happiness.

  2. I think your card is lovely, and commend you for trying something new! Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. great card Susan....
    I have to say that this was the year for me to venture outside my comfort zone as well. There are things that I do now that I would have never even tried before.

    Easter blessings....hope it is filled with happiness, sunshine and many wonderful memories....oh yah...some chocolate too!!

  4. Thanks for the challenge to dust off some old technique or try a new one! May you and yours have a Good Friday reflecting on the cross and grave, and then a wonderful Easter celebration of Christ's resurrection!

  5. Girlgeek's card is spectacular, but I'm really impressed by yours, too. I think you did a fine job of blending, working with what you have, and liking what you did. I'm SO glad you recognize that if we can't make a card exactly as beautiful as one we're casing, we can at the very least enjoy the journey trying to get there. You branched out today, and we need to do that, too! Blessings to you and your family at this Easter and always.

  6. Her card IS gorgeous, and I love yours too! And like you said, if it's fun and makes you happy, that's great!

    Enjoy your wonderful Easter weekend!

  7. Beautiful post all around - and I'm not just talking about the card! Happy Easter! -A

  8. Easter Blessings to you and yours......beautiful cards both of them.
    Now we're off to church to solemnly and thankfully remember those sufferings which were all endured that we could enjoy eternal life.

  9. Yes and Amen to it all! Horrific Friday for Jesus, wondrous promise for the world. Amazing love.

  10. thank you, susan

    marty ferraro

  11. I am too tickled that one of my own cards ended up on my idols' blog!!! Thank you for really making me happy today! And thank you for the kind comments. Keep on stampin'!-Audrie

  12. Audrie's and your card are BOTH striking, elegant, CAS and downright gorgeous!!

    I appreciate every moment of every day the truth contained in the words you chose by Charles Wesley!

    They bring peace to my heart and joy to my days as I contemplate His great love for me, even me :o)

    A wonderful, blessed weekend to you and your dear ones!

  13. Easter Blessings! The Easter hymns are always my favorite. Do you sing or play an instrument? Seems like artists are artists in all the, music, writing, and card-making of course. ;-)

  14. Alleluia! He is risen, indeed!

  15. Your card is awesome, as always. I'm glad that you got to have some fun and allowed yourself the opportunity to do so.

    I am beginning to learn how to use Copics. I want my cards to look like the pros but realize that it takes LOTS of practice!

    Your jump into something new has encouraged me to stop organizing and to pull out the Copics. Thank you for that. I plan on having some fun this afternoon!

  16. Both are gorgeous. The backgrounds have such rich colors that really stand out against the black.

  17. Both are gorgeous. The backgrounds have such rich colors that really stand out against the black.

  18. GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely love this! Wonderful case!:)


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