Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Card Set Using PTI's Everyday Classics

I decided that the end-of-school teacher gifts this year would be card sets, and I got so excited about that idea that I decided to make cards sets for my mother and mother-in-law as well, in addition to some cool things I bought for them on Etsy. My mom prefers one-layer cards, so I made her a set using PTI's Everyday Classics, the anniversary set for 2010.

Speaking of which, has anyone received this year's anniversary set? I am pretty sure I qualified but I haven't seen any buzz about this year's set yet.

Anyway, here's a sampling of the cards from my mom's set. I love the curvy flourish bracket paired with the angular fonts. Also, it was fun playing with pairs of colors of Memento two cards in the set are identical.

What are you doing for a Mother's Day gift? Also, does anyone have a suggestion for what I can do for a friend facing her first Mother's Day since her mother passed?

And if you're a mom, what are you campaigning for as your gift? I'm asking for stamps!

stamps: Papertrey Everyday Classics
ink: Memento various
paper: PTI white
accessories: scallop scissors to round the corners, and yes, I will do a tutorial as soon as my husband or son will take pictures.... 


  1. For Mother's Day my son, his wife and my grandson are taking us to the zoo for a a fun day and picnic lunch. That is the best thing anyone can give me -- time spent together!

  2. On Mother's Day, traditionally we do the Mother's Day Classic, which is a walk/run of various distances to raise money/awareness for breast cancer. This year will be the first time my daughter has walked with me, while my husband runs (I hope) so that will be extra special. Then I am hoping we will have a wonderful brunch at one of the great restaurants around the area the walk is held.

    Love that time together.

  3. My mother is 86 and still lives alone. She doesn't drive anymore, so she doesn't get out as often as she'd like. I live 6 hours away and am not there to help her out. Every year I hear her complain that she didn't get to send birthday cards like she wanted to because she couldn't get to the store to buy one. Well, I solved that little problem for her. I made a box slightly bigger than the 4.25 x 5.5 card, and about 2 inches deep (with a lid). I decorated the box top with a pretty stamped and colored image cut with a Spellbinder die. I then filled the box with 15 cards that I made just for her to send out. There were about 10 birthday cards, a couple of thinking of you, a couple of anything cards, and I added a sympathy card. When I gave it to her (early), she looked through them and said...."Oh! I can't send these out, they're too pretty!"...I just can't win! LOL!!

  4. This card set is beautiful. I'm not a mother, but what I can say about the ladies in my family who are, is that they want time spent together with all their children and loved ones. Oh, and my sister, a day off from the kitchen.

  5. Susan, your card set is lovely! I know your mother and mother-in-law will love these. This will be year 2 without my mother (miss her much!) Last year for our 1st Mother's Day without Mother, I made cards for all my sisters & sisters in-law (7) in remembrance of her. The cards had her favourite flowers (pink roses) stamped/coloured on them, and the phrase "In Remembrance of Mother" printed. A hand written note with a fond memory mentioned inside. They were much appreciated.

  6. I think this is a lovely set of cards for your mum. I think the flourish and colours are fabulous - brilliant!!

    When my mum came to stay with me recently I told her to help herself to cards from my stash. She had fun picking out the ones she wanted. And then asked me to make some more for her - and I'll do that when I get back from my holiday.

  7. Hi - I will be spending a quiet Mother's Day as my mother has passed, and my son is living in a different, but will SKYPE and get to speak to my granddaughter too which will be lovely. Loved your cards.

    P.S. The PTI Anniversary set is listed on their site - go to Forum>Gallery.

  8. My Mom passed away 3 and a half years ago. I would have been very touched had someone sent me a "Thinking of You" card - make one with the PTI teapot set. We were supposed to go to Iowa for Easter but John is sick so now we plan to spend Mother's Day there with my nephew - that is, if we are all better by then. For a gift I hope each of my kids just call me.

  9. Even though Mothers pass on to better and higher things I feel so close to my mother regardless...I don't mean this in a spooky way......all the little things I do during each day can remind me of what she taught me and the example of how she lived her which always makes me smile is when I am adding vanilla extract to cake mix...I do remember she was always careful not to put too much in and stressed to me that too much would spoil the cake....I never lift the vanilla extract but I think of her....this is just one little personal anecdote to illustrate what my mother still means to me. Whatever you do for/with your friend honour her mother by remembering her and celebrate a life well lived and the good memories which take over now. Love your cards...they are delightful...sorry, I've rambled on too long here....have a Blessed Eastertime.

  10. I found the perfect gift for my Mum - she loves watching the birds on her birdfeeder and she loves doing jigsaw puzzles during the long Toronto winters so I spotted a jigsaw of birds at a birdfeeder - too perfect!!

    For your friend whose mother recently died, I think one of your lovely "thinking of you" cards will make her know that you are aware of how she must be feeling.

  11. Gina K. stamps has a very unique set called "Not Forgotten". It contains the most appropriate sentiments for situations such as your friends. The words are beautiful and I think receiving a card from you to let her know that you are thinking of her would be very much appreciated.


  12. Just LOVE your card sets! They are perfect! The fluorish adds just enough pizzazz. And boy oh boy, I wish PTI would make those anniversary sets available for us who don't make the quota. Every time I see you use a stamp from one of your anniversary sets, I lust for it! Alas, I have no need for giving Mother's Day gifts, as my dear Mom and my dear Mom-in-law have passed away. Both were amazing women, and I miss each of them very much. Now, what I'd like for ME for Mother's Day is to have my sons and great DIL's come over with dinner! But each of them are moms, too, so it's their day too!

  13. Love these cards Susan and what a brilliant gift for your Mums:0) I was really spoiled on Mothers day this year, lucky me:0) xxx

  14. I'm campaigning for time. Time to sleep or stamp or something else for myself!

  15. I'm making a jewelry set for my mom (earrings and a pin) She loves earrings and just picked up a new outfit so i am making her new set to match the colors.

    As for myself, stamps and trips to the crafting store are always welcome but I am really campaigning for tickets to see Hugh Jackman live when he comes to SF next month. Yummy! :D

  16. I think all Mothers wish for time. When they are little, time to themselves, when they are grown time with them. I would dearly love to have my son and family visit but they live so far away I'll settle for a phone call.
    Love your card set. I think a thinking of you card for your friend would be much appreciated.
    Blessings Bernie

  17. Beautiful card sets.
    The anniversary set can be seen here:

  18. I just saw the new PTI set on the forum today. It has an image I've been wanting, and had not purchased from anywhere else yet, so I'm happy!

    I give my Mom cash! Years ago I used to go out shopping with her and pay for flowers for her various gardens. Now that it is hard to schedule the shopping trip, I give her the $. She has so many little garden areas she lives to be able to splurge on them.

    I myself am childless-not-by- choice, so I just look forward to getting past the day, as it is so painful for me.


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