Saturday, April 9, 2011

Opportunity to Support Japan

I know some of you cycle or have cyclists/triathletes in your life. Here's a chance for them to support Japan's recovery while buying a really cool cycling jersey.

De Soto Sport: Tri 4 Japan Bike Jersey

$80 of your $100 purchase goes to Japan, and it's tax deductible. So you're getting a quality jersey for $20 AND wearing your support for those in Japan AND making that support tangible with a monetary contribution.

George ordered his today. I can't wait to see him wearing it out on a ride. AWESOME!


  1. Thanks for that Susan. My husband said yes immediately and he will forward it onto afew of his cycling mates.

  2. That's nice. I'll forward it onto my cycling friends as well.

  3. Do these white jerseys work for women as well when they get wet? No "see through" look? Just want to make sure before I order one for a good friend.

  4. Lisa, I don't know. Perhaps you could ask De Soto's customer service.

    or their phone # is on this page:

    Hope that helps!


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