Saturday, October 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail Check-In

So, how many of you are doing the 52 Weeks of Mail Challenge?

We're in week 3, and I've sent 13 cards.

I always was an over-achiever.

It's never too late to start. After all, what is the point of making all these cards if we're not going to send them to someone?

Besides, it's time for those of you who took on the Gratitude Challenge to start sending those Thanksgiving cards to your friends and family. Why not spread them out over the whole month of November?

And you know, if you live in Canada, we Americans won't mind at all if you do the Gratitude Challenge on our schedule. After all, your Thanksgiving is so very early (as it should be that far north!), and you may simply need more time to make cards for it.

Besides, if you so desire, you could send ME (and your other American friends, of course) a Thanksgiving card.

I love snail mail.

*hint, hint*

Today's card uses one of my new A Muse sets. I copied a layout I'd already copied from a card published by Ryann Salamon. These stamps really are scaled just a bit too big to work for this layout, but all those floaty images falling to the bottom of the card seem to echo my life at the moment. And like the card says, I'm trying to enjoy the harvest of blessings rather than completely freak out over it.

It's not working. *sigh*

Enough of my melodramatic whining. Please tell me about your progress in the 52 Weeks Challenge and/or Gratitude Challenge. I'd love to hear how you're doing!


  1. hi susan!
    love your card, and especially your "tumbling" bling. i am sending cards also. it is soo fun! thanks for the great idea, and as always, for your fabulous inspiration.
    enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Susan, I emailed you.

  3. I'm participating in the 52 Weeks of Mail challenge. So far so good but I am worried that as I go on I'll have difficulty finding people to send cards to. By next summer maybe I'll be picking random names out of the phone book and sending cards to strangers!

  4. Oooh, I love Jan's idea about picking strangers' names out of the phone book! What fun :) Great card, Susan! Every time I get out a set of Amuse stamps, I think of you. Talk about CAS creating - wow! Yes, I am trying very hard to keep up with the 52 week challenge. If I miss a week, I promise to send two the next week. Hope your weekend is going well.

  5. I'm doing 52 Weeks of Mail, too. I've sent five so far, and have at least one ready for next week. So far, my mailbox has remained cardless. I feel good sending at least some of the many I make and never mail.

  6. Sorry, I'm not participating in the 52 weeks you say this card isn't doing it....and in my humble opinion there are too many bitsy bits all over it...give us more white space and it will be knock out...but hey, you don't bring up many cards which don't do are allowed one.
    The cards I make are always for someone who has ordered them and other cards I make are for me to send for the usual family occasions....I never make cards just for the sake of making them....can't afford to. Keep your cards coming nevertheless...I would miss any card of yours.

  7. I like your card and how the images float randomly on it.

    I am doing the 52 weeks of mail challenge and I have faithfully mailed two cards out each week since it started. I am trying to add some variety into who I send cards now. I am trying to only send handmade cards, but have given myself permission to resort to a bought card if necessary. My life gets hectic and I feel making someone happy is more important than putting stress on me to get a card, or cards, done each week.

  8. Honestly, I'd forgotten about this worthwhile challenge but, that said, I've sent out six cards in the last three weeks.

  9. I hope your life slows down or at least you can gain some balance soon! these are cute images, especially that wheat bundle!!

  10. I didn't send a card out that first week (perhaps a minor internal rebellion?) but I have been sending out a card or two every week since. Most are for swaps but my goal is to get away from swaps and more into sending cards to friends, be they in person or on-line friends.

  11. I love the 52 Weeks of Mail challenge! It's just what I needed to motivate me to send some cards. I've mailed six so far. In addition, I volunteered as hospitality chairperson at one of my kids' middle schools and have been making sure that each staff member gets a birthday card in his or her mailbox, which accounts for about ten birthday cards per month.

  12. I've never heard of the 52 Weeks of Mail Challenge. I thought I might look into it, but then I saw the facebook link under the picture and I have absolutely no interest in facebook so I guess I won't be looking into it after all.

    Your card today is beautiful!! I love the scattered images!!

  13. I loved the idea of the 52 Weeks of Mail Challenge, but had almost forgotten about it... Thanks for the reminder!
    I have managed to send out at least one card per week so far, and I'm sure I won't have to pull out the phone book just yet - between church, friends and family, there always seems to be someone who could benefit from a card!
    I didn't realize that the "movement" was connected to Facebook - I just read your initial post on the subject and went with it. If I have time, and if my computer cooperates, I might check out the link - or maybe I'll just keep doing what I've been doing so far - it works for me!

  14. I love this idea. It has helped me be more systematic about sending cards to friends and family. I've always been pretty good about b-day cards and major holiday cards. I started doing Breast Cancer awareness cards about 3 years ago and started Gratitude cards last year.
    23 cards for me so far!!!!
    Will mail my gratitude cards next week.
    Thanks for the update. Love your cards. They are such an inspiration to me.


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