Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting out of the Box

For some reason, I've felt inspired to try to get really different looks from sets that are intended for fall/harvest/Thanksgiving. Today's card uses a fall set from Papertrey called First Fruits. The stamp is a background builder that mimics the design on the pineapple stamp in the set, but it always reminded me of a peacock. So I took it in that direction, alternating layers of SU's green galore and tempting turquoise.

This doesn't look autumnal at all, does it? Of course not. What do you think of this layout? I can't remember ever using it before, but it's nice for those longer sentiments. This sentiment is from Beautiful Blessings, also by Papertrey.

Please note that I used three layers of cardstock. All white. This isn't making any dent in my colored cardstock collection!

Personal Digression: Lately I've been very distracted. George and I have started our younger son (who has autism) on some medication...a very difficult and stressful decision. I'm watching the pook kid like a hawk for any scary symptoms and also signs that the medicine is working. Plus, George decided several weeks ago to look into buying/building a new home, which means that I have to get off my butt and get our current digs presentable in case they go on the market. The deep cleaning is certainly needed, regardless of our final decision about moving. Also, cleaning is helping me work out my stress...I don't handle drugging my child or big financial decisions well at all, and cleaning my kitchen cupboards with Murphy Oil Soap is rather therapeutic. Smells nice, too. Crafting is rather hit or miss right now, but I just photographed enough projects to finish out this week. 

And let me say that if your over-the-stove microwave is looking sorta filmy, Formula 409 and a little elbow grease will make it shiny as new. Who knew?


  1. Hi Susan, just wanted to leave a little comment and say I love your blog, your style and your cards. I'm moving house soon and it's quite stressful, so like you I clean, very relaxing. And after cleaning the calm and order counteract the mess of packing and boxes, noth of which I loathe. Lisa x

  2. I love how you see peacock feathers - you Are absolutely correct lol! Fun card :)

    Thanks for sharing what has been causing you stress. I can fully appreciate earlier comments you posted based on this info. I think many moms have gone through the same gamete of emotions you are currently going through re: medicating your child. You are not alone! Just wish I knew more so I could be of some intellectual support. Since I can't, consider yourself cyber (((hugged))).

    Glad the cleaning works off the stress - know my hubby wishes that would happen to me LOL! Hang in there, and wishing you God's peace amidst the storms.

  3. I saw a peacock tail the minute I looked at the card, and I had to click in for a closer look! I love this layout, beautiful.
    I totally understand your anxiety about drugging your little boy. I hope that the drugs work for him and all effects are positive.
    Oh, the cleaning house in preparation for sale...when we sold almost three years ago, we cleaned every room from top to bottom. We cleaned inside cupboards, behind drawers. We cleaned walls. We moved most of our furniture and belongings out to storage so that our house looked open and spacious! When we were finished, I didn't want to leave, it was so CLEAN and BEAUTIFUL!! :-) When we moved into our new house, we had to do it all again because the old owners here didn't worry so much about the beauty of a clean house, sigh!
    Those big financial decisions are scary. If you do end up building a new home, I can't wait to see your custom-built craft room. :-)
    Good luck with it all. Hugs to you.

  4. Love, love, love these! Sorry you're so stressed! I'm hoping that you will be able to de-stress while stamping. :) Believe in your decisions--you're too smart not to!

  5. Oooh... I really like how you used the background stamp! Great card!

    So sorry you're dealing with so much stress. But, at least a clean house is a good result. I guess I need some major stress in my life... certainly need something to force that "deep cleaning"! LOL!! But, I'm so thankful that I'm not thinking about moving or new houses... that would definitely be scary to me in this pathetic and very uncertain economy.

  6. Love the card. I have yet to see one of yours I don't! I haven't seen the stamp set, but when I saw your card I immediately thought "peacock." I'll have to go look at the stamp set and see what I see. You took it in a perfect direction. So sorry to hear you're under so much stress, but it is a good motivator. No decision involving children is ever easy. You can only do what you can do. If cleaning is a help, my house could use some of your magic touch! I'll keep your son in my thoughts.

  7. LOVE the card, love the layout! A keeper for sure. Good luck with your son and my heart goes out to you with the upheaval of a move. I sure wish I could find housekeeping a stress reducer; it tends to increase my stress (I notice how much more needs doing and feel overwhelmed) and I have a bad back so it tends to hurt. Crafting is my big stress reducer and more of an escape I guess. But I may have to get some 409 and oil soap! Good luck!

  8. Dear Susan. the card is lovely - i too thought of Peacock! Did you know that Peacock is India's national bird? :) lol..

    About your little boy and moving houses.. God will guide you every step of your way. Amen.


  9. Also saw the peacock effect - and love those 2 colours! And for the layout - love the panel effect, but I prefer your off-centre sentiments.

    Wish I would clean when stressed . . . just eat, read, surf the web! Not constructive.

  10. i used to work with autistic kids.I know how it goes, and yuo seem to be a great mom.Wishing you strenght and wise decisions

  11. Hi Susan - great card - love the freshness of the colours!

    I understand how you feel about your son and drugs - my lad has ADHD and has been taking medication for it. It took a while, but we got something that works for him - and things are easier, not better, just easier. He's a lot older now and is learning coping strategies. Sending you hugs.

    And I'm glad to see that it's not only me that does Spring cleaning in the autumn :) We might be moving too - to the US (excited) - so I'm having to deep clean, decorate and declutter - long over due. Tiring, but so worthwhile. Have fun!

  12. Those are indeed big and stressful decisions. When you finish your cupboards wanna come and do mine? I'll cook for you and we can play with my stamping stuff!! Love Murphy's Oil - great cleaner for wood. Sending big hugs.

  13. Your card is lovely as always! I really like the layout and you totally nailed the "peacock" look.

    Will pray for your son, I can't imagine the stress there. Moving however; UGH. I'd rather have a root canal! If this happens, make sure you get an AWESOME craft space!! ;-)

    Also, some sudsing ammonia mixed with water in a spray bottle ( use a third ammonia to two thirds water) will cut grease film on that over the stove microwave and any cupboard doors as well. My DH loves to cook in cast iron skillets with grease flying everywhere so I've learned the hard way. Doesn't smell as nice as Murphy's, but it really makes quick work of the greasy film. I can do a quick wipe with the Murphy's after if I want that smell!

  14. Beautiful card, Susan. Should you go through with showing your house...a plate of cookies really does distract. My girls STILL talk about the cookies that were sitting on the table of the house we own now. It wasn't why we bought the house...but it really does work. Oh, and the seller had a stack of scented dryer sheets in each of the living room vents to send a clean smell through the home and to mask the doggy smell (it was summer...heat might be dangerous). I would have never thought of these little things. I pray it goes well for you and you have peace about your situation. ;)

  15. Take care of yourself. You are such a treasure (even "cyberly") to my stamping friends and to me. We talked about you and some of your cards yesterday when getting together to stamp and chat.
    You seem like a wonderful dedicated mom, and I think hard decisions like you're facing are made with the best intentions. Things will work out.

  16. The stress is flying at you from all sides right now! All your decisions are tough ones. Yikes! Believe it or not, all that cleaning helps with the stress. Physical activity and creating order out of chaos will make you feel better. If you can; go take a long walk. That helps too.

    I read a finance website that often strays into life issues as well. Yesterdays entry, "Some Thoughts on Handling Life's Crossroads" may sound familiar. See the simpledollardotcom for an interesting read.

    On another note; my first Gina K order is coming today. Can't wait to try out that deluxe cardstock you recommended. : )

  17. Great card, Susan! I love the peacock feather look and the colors are perfect!

    Thanks for sharing with us your struggle with your son. As the mother of an Aspie (Asperger syndrome) I know what a difficult decision it is to make to medicate or not. My son was on medication for three years until he decided himself he no longer wanted to be on it. It was the right decision for him to be on it while he was, and it proved to be the right decision to let him go off it. He has thrived in high school, and I couldn't be prouder of him. Hang in there!

    Good luck with the house purging and possible move. Don't forget to take time out for yourself!


  18. What a lovely pattern! I love the colors and the sketch too. I think I'm going to try it out!

    I wish the memento inks worked for me as well as they do for you.

    Wish you good luck with all the changes happening around you!

  19. this card is awesome - great colors. and I do like the layout too! Good luck with the meds - a totally stressful decision! Hope it goes well for everyone!!


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