Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Excessive with Bling

I have a lot of Christmas-green bling. What do you do with it? Really.

I usually use red bling on Christmas cards, and opportunities to use dark green bling are pretty thin on the ground outside of, say, St. Patrick's Day.

As a result, green bling has accummulated in my stash over the years.

What's a girl to do?

It seems pretty obvious.

Let the green bling shine.

Isn't this radical? No? Well, at least it's shiny.

You can see the green better in the close-up.

That's a lot of bling. And it's beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

Here are some reminders (and the associated links) since we have had so much going on here at Simplicity lately.

OLW66...Inspired by Janelle, deadline Tuesday at 11:59 PM.

CraftyJC Challenge...Simplicity theme, deadline end of October

Gratitude Challenge...buttons and banner available here, deadline Thanksgiving US or Canada, take your pick

For Sale...still some stuff for sale on my blog, if you're interested

Wow, that's a lot, especially for a blog called Simplicity.

Good stuff, though. Good stuff.

stamps: Hero Arts clear set
ink: Memento black
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: assorted green rhinestones


  1. Gorgeous!! I LOVE THIS!!! Love that stamp too!

  2. What a lovely stamp, and really, the bling just takes it to a higher level. :) Beautiful card.

  3. Simply beautiful....nothing else to say!!

  4. I love bling. I love green. And I really like how you used the green bling to embellish this image. It looks wonderful!

  5. Great image and fabulously dressed up with the green bling :)

  6. What a wonderful card. Love all that bling.

  7. If anyone demands bling it's the sassy peacock. It's a very pretty card.

  8. Just love him, I couldn't tell initially whether you used a deep green ink or not, but it looks amazing on black. You clever thing!

  9. Oh, gosh, I love this card. I love your CAS style all the time but this is really exceptional.

  10. At first glance, it might look like a lot of bling, just because you don't normally use that much. However, when you get to the close-up, you think, omygosh, every bling is necessary. After all, this is a peacock, one of nature's completely overdone accomplishments. And that's why they're so beautiful. Bling away!

  11. Okay, your sentiment placement is perfect! Great way to use up some green bling!

  12. The green bling is perfect on the peacock! I'm in the same position as you - I have lots of green gems leftover in the mixed packages that come with red and green in equal quantities. Now I only buy packages of red!

  13. Let your "excessiveness" roll!!!!!! I LOVE it!

  14. Perfect way to use loads of bling without it looking like you used loads of bling. And I bet it would be fabulous in a whole host of jewel tones.

  15. Nice way to let that green bling shine!! Gorgeous ;)

  16. Well, Susan, I definitely have peacock envy!! The stamp is perfect for & with the bling! No coloring needed at all - I know coloring is not a favorite with you, but I think coloring would have ruined it. I usually want every single stamp you use (well, except for the rooster). I'll have to see if I have a similar bird in my collection.

    aahhh, which hints at gently asking you if you'll soon be ready to tell us your new method of keeping track of your stamps? I know you have been and are a very busy wife, mother, artist, community volunteer, etc, with a vulnerable wrist, but I am totally lost on choosing a method among all I've seen on SCS. Alas, I have no organizing skills of my own. Please forgive what could be considered pushing/nagging and call it eagerness to know. Many thanks for your talent!


  17. Love this! The bling looks perfect, not excessive. It's simple and elegant, which is what I most love.

  18. That's what you do with green bling! What a perfect dressing for a peacock.


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