Friday, October 7, 2011

A Simple Rant

I'm feeling hormonally hostile this week, and waking up this morning to notice that I used "roll" when I should have used "role" in the first paragraph of yesterday's Simplicity post did NOT help my mood. My apologies for the error, and many thanks to any of you who noticed but refrained from commenting on it. Who knows how ALL CAPS I might have gone on your butt in my current state.

My hostility is pervasive. This week's brief essay on my Questioning blog--generally such a happy, positive, upbeat place where puppies fart rainbows and there's a saccharine saying for every problem--contains a rant about our Screen Nation...screens everywhere! Oy! I also left a stern letter in a neighbor's mailbox which I concluded with the following two sentences: "Please stop leaving your dogs out to bark. It is cruel to the dogs to leave them chained and barking for any length of time, it is disrespectful of your neighbors, and it is against both HOA rules and the law."

Yep. I'm rhetorically hostile.

So it should come as no surprise that my most favoritest card I've made in a year got me thinking hostile thoughts. (And yes, Spell Check, I typed favoritest, and you can't stop me.)

Isn't it simple? Just about the simplest card you can imagine. It's not even embossed or anything. Just SU real red ink on white PTI card stock. The beautiful font stands alone. I might round the corners of the card ever so slightly with scallop scissors for a bit more finished look before sending it, but basically, it's perfect because I've been reading a lot about minimalism lately and while I have little desire to go radically minimalist in most areas of my life, I find the style for card making irresistible.

And then I thought, "To whom do I send this?" And then I thought, "Will the recipient feel like I don't think they are special because there's next to nothing to this card? Will they get what I've done here with minimalism? And furthermore, will they appreciate it or feel like I just didn't want to put much effort into their card? Should I send it to anyone at all?"

And then I got angry at myself for even having these thoughts. Clean-and-simple cards do not need apologies. They do not need excuses, justification, or validation. Minimalism and simplicity have their place in the world of paper crafts, and those of us who enjoy them should go boldly forth and proclaim our allegiance!

Of course, not everyone will jump onto the minimalist bandwagon or even understand what we who are on the wagon are trying to do, and that is just fine.

Variety is the spice of life. I'm so grateful there are all sorts of styles out there, from the above uber-simplicity to twenty-layer card confections. How boring and scary the world would be if we all had the same perspective, the same way of seeing beauty, the same self-expressive style!!!

So, who would like me to send them this card? Who will appreciate it for its minimalist message?

The first five readers to request it via the comments or email will receive a copy of this card for Christmas this year. I'll mail them anywhere, so don't be shy if you live outside the United States. Please don't post your snail-mail address in the it to me if you are selected.

And thank you all for reading my rant. I feel so much better now.


  1. I'm not going to request the card for the simple reason that I'm trying very hard to bring minimalism into my life, so I don't need another card to add to my collection. Miss Minimalist has been one of my favorite blogs for awhile now. You might enjoy the 365 Less Things blog as well.

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any less hostile, I think the card is beautiful! But I get your worries, too -- whenever my cards veer into the super-CAS realm, they always end up going to fellow crafters who I think will "get it." Whatever "it" is.

    Should one of your cards find its way to me, I'll be reciprocating with some CAS-ness. Because you'll "get it."

  3. I had one of those days yesterday...wanted to get back into bed and start it over again! Topped off by the principal of the school calling to tell me my son was in a fight - oh joy! My quite, caring, conscientious boy hit his breaking point yesterday too. Must check and see if it was a full moon...

    I love the simplicity of the card :) Love white space on my cards. Love the font. Rounded corners a nice touch and/or a touch of scoring if you want to get "fancy" ;) Hope your day is better tomorrow (((Hugs)))

  4. I think this card should go to a friend who is familiar with your card making philosoophy, otherwise I see the problem with appreciation of its simple beauty.

    Wouldn't knock back receiving this divine card whether the sender is hormonal or not.

  5. I think your card is exquisite! I think it might show my lack of Christmas spirit when I tell you that I automatically thought "Ooooh, a Bah Humbug stamp would be awesome on a card like that...". ;-)

    I often feel the same about CAS cards, or even any cards that I make. I feel foolish for sending them to people and think things like "Why on Earth would they want something that I've just glued together??". Hmmm... something to ponder actually...

  6. I'm having one of those weeks too.

    But my neighbors have 2 large dogs in a 8x10 cage in their front corner lot, so they have maximum barking opportunities at everything that moves. Our community only has a noise bylaw (yes, I've complained) from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., and those dogs bark from 7:01 to 10:59. The neighborhood is thinking of pooling funds to get a bark collar for the owner to wear, so he gets zapped every time his dogs bark. Poor dogs, rescued but still abandoned.

    There's my rant for the week. Now I'm off to make some simple cards inspired by yours. Right now I may just put "Bah, humbug" on them...thanks to Danielle for the chuckle.

  7. I agree that CAS card makers shouldn't have to justify their use of less. Love the clean and simpleness of the card.
    Hope things level out for you soon.

  8. Oh my goodness! I love you!! :) I literally laughed out loud at several parts of your post! :) I think you and I could be great friends!!! I think your card is great and I too... a CAS girl... have been thinking a lot about having less, etc. I go through periods of purging and getting rid of so much stuff and IT FEELS GOOD! I like having less.. I really do! Thank you for the reminder that we don't need to apologize. I know we don't... but I do find myself at times thinking the same things about my cards... worried what others will say about its simpleness. I find myself apologizing to others for that and I shouldn't! Thank you for this post ... and the laughs. Puppy farting rainbows... I would love to see you say that in person! :)

  9. Maaaaaan, I'm so upset! I missed it by 3 people! Does it count that I missed it because I had my two sweet grands here and I was busy watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" with them? Oh, cut me some slack! And BTW, your card is really tooo minimalist --- it needs a bling.
    P.S. I did notice your spelling mistake.....and boy, am I glad I didn't mention it! Love you, Susan.

  10. Love your post and your extra CAS card! I think it is lovely as is.... but if I'd made it, I would feel like I needed to add a bit more. Maybe a holly leaf and red pearl. But that's just me! Hard to leave well enough alone!

  11. Your cards, topics & posts are always welcome interludes in my day. I love the card and would certainly "get it" were I to receive one. The fact that someone had pulled out paper, a rubber stamp and some ink would delight me since I rarely receive homemade cards but try to send them. I may try this technique this year since I'm behind. It will be interesting to see if I get the "oohs" and "aahs" that I sometimes get. CAS is just my style.

  12. Like Denise has commented above - I certainly would have added a holly leaf and some red pearls.

    But what I love abt this card is - it says what it wants to say - Wishes the receiver a Merry Christmas. Without being pretentious.

    And it gives the sender a chance to write to the receiver inside :)

  13. How I wish I had been able to respond earlier and get to receive this beautifully simple card!

  14. HI I'm around the other side of the world and subscribe to your blog via email so don't comment usually but - I prefer a simpler card. Does not mean the message or thought behind it means any less. In fact, I believe the 'simpler' it is the more EXACT it has to be with design, colour, placement etc. While I appreciate lots of different 'styles', the recipient would not care one little bit!

  15. You totally expressed why I have not been able to make and send CAS cards to any of my friends! I've only been making cards for a couple of years and none of my relatives and friends who receive them are paper crafters so I always feel like they will think I didn't put enough work into the card I make for them if it is CAS in style. Too bad I didn't start my cardmaking hobby using the CAS style!! Then they wouldn't know about all the fancy fold cards with layers and all sorts of die cuts, embossing, etc. It would have sure been a lot easier on my wallet, too! So, thanks, Susan... for saying "out loud" what I've felt, but don't think I ever really admitted to anyone!

  16. Couldn't resist the chance to comment. I agree that there are all sorts of stampers in the world. I tend to use a variety of styles, depending on my mood. This week I soooo would have added the Bah Humbug stamp which only proves you are NOT the only hormonal woman out there. Who gives a rainbow fart what anyone else thinks about that card? Send it to whomever (OMG I hope that is gramatically correct) you want!

  17. Shucks. I missed out. Great card, though.

  18. I just wanted to say, "Amen, Sister!"

  19. Dear Susan,
    Ahh yes, hormonal hostility . . . I remember it well. Now, however, I experience it through the rants of my daughter (34)who is having one of those days. I recommend B12.
    It got me through the big M without incident. It is the only thing getting me through the education mine field now.

    As for CAS cards, that is why I follow your blog. Being a detail person I tend to do "more is more".
    I have learned from you.As for your rants. . . there are days when they are the only rational thoughts I have heard ALL DAY. Rant on, Sweety.

    Now about those puppies . . .my puppy needs to learn how to do that!

  20. I had that day yesterday. I could have bitten the head off a chicken but yelled at my 90 year-old mother instead. Not my proudest moment. I really like the card but would add a holly sprig or something. As is, it seems a teenay, tiny bit almost hostile, like daring the recipient to want more. Love your blog. JaneS

  21. Oh, my ... you are hormonally hostile indeed! I hope that passes quickly for the sake of you, your family, and your neighbor. LOL! Been there, done that, no problem.

    Now about the card ... I LOVE it! I love the clean and simple look as well, and I see nothing wrong with sending this card to anyone you want. If they don't understand your simplistic style, that's their loss. Wow, now I sound hormonally hostile! Yikes! :)

  22. Damn!! Missed out on a Lateblossom card and an ultra CAS one to boot.
    Your posts crack me up and it always makes my day to see you in my mailbox :) You just rant away!!!
    Wonderful card, anyone who gets this and doesn't appreciate its less is more design is missing the 'appreciating simplicity' gene that followers of your blog have is shed loads. Hope you are feeling more calm and centred now ;)

    Now where did I put my Bah Humbug stamp .....
    Chris M

  23. I often feel the same way! I wonder if the card recipient will think my card is lame or think I didn't put much time and effort into making it. It is true, I work full time and often do not have extra time to put into making an extravagant card. And when I do make one, I find it hard to give it away because I know how much time was involved! (Make sense?)Anyway, I say LESS IS MORE!!! Susan, excuse my grammar, but "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"! :)

  24. I think this card is FANTASTIC! I love it. The End.

  25. I am TOTALLY on the same page as your first sentence!

    That's all I'm saying! :)

  26. I'd be thrilled to receive any card you made, but being on the west coast of Canada, it's hard to respond quickly to your posts (unless I stay up late and check email last thing at night).

    I don't think I'd be brave enough to send out such a simple card (except to one of my sisters who is truly a minimalist). I fall into the trap of thinking that I need to put a fair bit of effort into a homemade card so that the recipient feels special and deserving of all my effort.

    Thanks for the link to the minimalism website. I sent it to the afore-mentioned sister as she truly lives her live by that list of principles. In theory, I'd like to be able to but in practice I can't get there.

  27. I really like the card-but I might add a red jewekl in the I in Christmas, and Might emboss a panel edge.... My blessing was B6 rahter than B12. But who isn't allowed to have a hormonal day once in a while? Makes the other days seem sooo sunshiny...
    Anyone want some rain mixed with snow? I'll send it....

  28. I completely get your card. And I completely get minimalism, simplification and simply saying "no". So yep, I appreciate it totally. Awesome!!

  29. I am a new subscriber and new to card marking. Firstly I totally agree about screens everywhere, we don't need them, but I won't go on about this. Secondly your minimalist card is elegant and amongst all the colourful Christmas decorations this card would look stunning on amongst all the other very busy cards. Charmaine, Melbourne Australia

  30. Rant anytime you'd like....and the card is wonderfully beautiful (knowing that it can be duplicated in seconds makes it all the better) smiles and hugs, Audrie

  31. ALL cards are difficult for me to make. I am not an artsy, creative type; I only picked up the card hobby to challenge myself to do something completely out of the ordinary. So I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that my cards elicit ZERO comments from my family. Doesn't matter how much I sweat over them, they are received in the same manner a store-bought card is. Sooo, the lesson here is MAKE THE CARD YOU WANT, and assume the receipient only "gets" the message inside, and not the package.

    Your cards rock, YOU rock, and the rest doesn't matter.

    Sarah (kegbo)

  32. No apology needed for misspelling a word. It's one thing when it's an honest mistake but another when a paragraph is riddled with misspelled words. That shows me a person didn't take the time to learn how to spell or to use spell check.

    And you wouldn't like being my neighbor, my dogs bark when they want to come in and if I'm in the middle of something, they will just have to bark until I can go get them. And they're still alive but so are my neighbors lol. Oh, love the card!

  33. Great cards....don't mind you ranting at all....we all do sometime.....yes, I saw your spelling error but hadn't the heart to correct you....but the favourite thingy - augh - my British thinking would be 'the most favourite card' but sure who cares? As long as you can get out of bed to inspire us each day I'll be for dogs barking...been there but wouldn't have had your courage to leave a note for the neighbour. It is so annoying to have to listen to husband suggests that the owners (or maybe you) make a loose mussel of nylon tights and slip it over their nose...if you can get that close without being bitten that is LOL!!

  34. I think that anyone that knows you would know that you put the best of yourself in to everything you make.

  35. Just wanted to say that i love your cards, less is always more, i battle to do that, always wanting to add, add, add, yikes, even now, lol, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all eyes behold different, but there are lots who love and appreciate the way you can do 'simplicity', so please keep doing them, will be back for more.........:))
    lotsa luv


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