Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Font for Christmas

Today's Christmas card comes to us courtesy of Hampton Art Stamps' Da Vinci Alphabet. All the circles, curves and right angles make for interesting letters, no?

These letters are delightfully architectural and complex, so letting them stand unadorned on a clean white background makes sense. I flirted with the idea of adding bling, but really, it doesn't need bling. (Shhhh! Don't tell anyone I typed that!)

I really wish there were an architect on my Christmas list. Wouldn't this be the perfect card...remade, of course, in blueprint blue?

And since we're being font-y today, let's enjoy this picture from Pinterest.

But I did not shoot the descender.


OMG, I'm a geek.

Many thanks to those of you who offered your support and cyber-hugs on the issues in my personal life. I really do appreciate your encouragement and advice, especially about the cookies.  I feel super silly for stressing so much over the possible new house...I mean, what a ridiculous "problem" to have, right? The meds for my son are, however, a very legitimate concern. So far, the doctor is very pleased.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. My husband actually came into my office to see if I was okay after laughing so hard at the serif shooting incident. I wish to request to print and place on my kitchen bulletin board for further humor within the household ;).

  2. These alphabet stamps are fabulous, and what a perfect way to use them! You're right, they have no need for bling, but I bet they could have bling... ;)
    I also appreciated that pic on Pinterest yesterday. Typography is a wonderful thing. :)

  3. thanx for the font grins (I'm a fontaholic too!) and hope all's going well in your personal life!

  4. Oooo! I love this! LOL--I have that picture on my Pinterest, too! ;D I'm glad your son's meds are still going well. :) I know that a lot of the kids I work with have to go in for constant "tweaking" of meds--don't give up! I've seen amazing results when meds go right! :) Best wishes...Mynnette

  5. sorry you are stressed about your son. but happy that this card is so fun... oh and loved the card with the bright colors and the pineapple style background!

  6. Loving your cards lately! Not that I did not enjoy it before :P And glad for your dose of humor every time I pop by...which I do everyday :)
    Take care and keep smiling through your problems. Life throws curveballs and the bigger the smile...the bigger the homerun! :)
    *if this makes any sense :)*

  7. LOL!!!! This is brilliant and for the word geeks among us (waving) just perfect!

    And your card is so elegant - I love the font - my husband would adore it.

  8. Thanks for the laugh (actually I think it was a snort!). You keep us geeks entertained and content. Your card yesterday was a delight, like Michelle, I thought peacock. May have to revisit this stamp set on my wishlist.

    Completely understand all the out of the ordinary stuff going on in your life. Perhaps on another day the house thing you would have taken in your stride, but combine that with medicating children, whole other ball game. Can't imagine what you are going through, but we are all here to listen.

  9. Loved the card - even without the bling.
    And smiling . . . a bit geeky too!

  10. You make simple, look marvelous!

  11. Love the card...and thanks for the giggles on the Pinterest pic!

    I had been concerned (even though we've never met) when you mentioned stresses in you life. Thank you for sharing some of the details with us. I'm sure that whatever decisions you and your husband make, will be the right ones for you.

  12. Shot the Serif - Priceless!! I'm still laughing. One of your very best, Susan. Thank you! ~ pk

  13. *groan* And then uncontrollable giggles! Thanks for a good laugh.

    That font is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    Hang in there with the meds. Been there (different issues) and it is scary to make that decision for your child. It can take a while to find the right ones, and you feel like you are making your child into an experiment. Not a good feeling, but sometimes necessary.

  14. Love love love that font card. Those letters might make me invest in another alphabet set.

    Can't help but weigh in on the med issue. I am an OT who works in the schools with students on the spectrum. I also have an autistic nephew. I have seen both sides of the med debate in autistic kids. Currently, my nephew is taking a medication that seems to help with his rigid behaviors and pervasive thoughts. It makes him more availiable for learning. My sister hopes that he can eventually come off the meds having learned a whole bunch of new coping strategies. I have seen very similar situations at work. I do hope the meds work for your son too. It must have been a very difficult decision - it always is for parents in your situation. Hang in there. Great moms are not usually wrong about their kids :)

  15. If the amount of laughing at the shooting incident is proportional to the degree of geekness, then I am a TOTAL GEEK! My husband inquired from the other room about what was so funny. (He didn't get it until I explained it to him. Poor thing!) Thanks for the great laugh this morning!

    As Moms, we always want what is best for our children. When we have to make decisions with so many unknowns, it makes it even harder to know what is best. Hang in there, I'm sure you will be able to see if it is the right thing for Jack.

    Any chance you will be looking for a house in another state? ;)

  16. Karen,

    We're staying put in our same school district.


  17. Love the card!! I may have to CASE that one!!
    And I about fell off my chair laughing at the Pinterest! Starla (because stupid blogger can't recognize that I already have a blog and am logged in!! grrrr)

  18. Aieeee, your card made me swoon! Swoon I tell ya!

  19. Susan, you are AWESOME and I would say you NEVER have to apologize for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I admire you and feel enriched by you. Keep it coming, Girl! You make me smile!
    hugs, Sherry

  20. Oh my Gosh! I was on the floor when I saw this card, first it knocked me down then I stayed there laughing! LOVE IT!--Hugs, Audrie


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