Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Set, Two Seasons

Papertrey Ink's Falling Leaves set is a lovely set for fall. Here's a card using it as intended, with a nice, long sentiment from Beautiful Blessings.

But then, I thought it might look fun with snowflakes, too.

Lo and behold, it does.When I couldn't find a long sentiment with an appropriate font to fill the 5.5" width of the first card, I simply cut the card down to 4.25" square. Instant balance.

When stamps are a bit whimsical and/or stylized in design, it's fun to play around like this. If the tree trunk and branches were more realistic, however, this sort of playing around might look a bit odd.

Feel like putting on your thinking cap and breaking out of a rut with a set? Play around and see what you can do!

Don't forget about the OLW69 at Jennifer's Blog. It's stripes! I hope I'll have time to put something together for it this weekend. Lots of looking at houses planned and hopefully we'll make a firm decision on what we're going to do. This state of indeceision is really frustrating. If we do what I secretly hope we do, I'm gonna have an AWESOME craft room!

Of course, I already have an awesome craft room, so really, it's a win-win.

In the meantime, enjoy another funny picture from Pinterest in honor of the OLW69, this one slightly off-color and hopefully not offensive to anyone (especially to you, Jennifer!).

By the way, is anyone upset that I've not been labeling my posts? The new Blogger format makes labelling especially annoying, and since there is a search engine on the sidebar of Simplicity, you should still be able to find what you need. Let me know if my not labelling is rocking your world, though.


  1. Giggle*giggle*snicker*snort... over the tape picture.

    I love what you did with both the trees and greetings but I am partial to the blessings one as snow is a 4-lettered word.

    I didn't even notice your lack of labels!

  2. Love the Pinterest picture, very funny.
    Love your cards, they're gorgeous, as always!
    For labeling, I had no end of issues with it when the new Blogger launched. I solved my problems by moving to Google Chrome when working on Blogger. No more problems for me, maybe it might work for you? I like labels, it makes it much easier to find things later. :-)

  3. Ok, the tape picture seriously made me laugh!

    Love the cards....I love the colors of the fall one but I also really like the snowflake one, as snowflakes are my most favorite thing ever!

  4. Honey your posts rock my world however they are presented. ;0)
    Both of these cards are WONDERFUL. You are fortunate to have a craft room. Hope you get the house you want.

  5. Love the snowflake tree - such a fun card. The scotch tape picture really made me laugh. And as for the labels, hadn't noticed to be honest! Sometimes forget to do my own posts too!

  6. I love both cards! I wish that I could do CAS as well as you do. I'm practicing...and your advice certainly helps :)

    Love the tape photo...SO funny!

  7. Ah now I know why some of ur posts weren't coming up on some of the labels. But I really think Labelling would be very helpful! :)

    Love the cards :)

  8. love your cards! the scotch tape takes me back to 1969! haha the trees are so cute! i will be finding them in my craft room soon! thanks! i get such a giggle out of your posts!!

  9. Isn't it rewarding to know you make people laugh! Great pinterest photo there! Yup, pretty funny!

    The thought of Too much stamp stuff in my room!! Scares me silly! :) Good luck

  10. Fall cards are usually my favorite of all, but the snowflake card is the one I like best our of these two. I guess this time snowflakes won out over leaves... both of which I keep collecting stamp images of... along with butterflies.

  11. Our oldest son goes through clear tape the same way he used to go through Bandaids, and what I want to know is how, with the number of rolls of tape we buy, HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE THAT????? LOL :)
    I love the merry & bright sentiment :)

  12. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

    Both cards are gorgeous. I really appreciate how you show us the versatility of so many stamp sets.

  13. Love the cards! And the sex tape ... too, too funny!

  14. Love the cards! And the sex tape ... too, too funny!

  15. love your twisted tree!! and this pic made me laugh!!

  16. I love both trees but the autumn one is my favourite. It is so warm and sunny.

  17. Your cards are just gorgeous, Susan. I am still snickering over the sex tapes. How funny is that? :0)

  18. Ooh! The fussy cut leaves on the first card really make it outstanding.

    And for the record, I miss the labels. I can live without them, but the web professional in me recommends you still use them, at the very least, for posts that are most relevant as part of a series like OLW and the Gratitude Campaign/Collection.

  19. I'm-a snorting and a-chortling.

    How did I miss THAT on Pinterest?

    Offended? Moi? Nearly impossible :)

    I vote for build a new house with your dream craft room (even if you have a really good one now).

    Do I even get a vote? Heh.


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