Friday, October 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail

Blogger V-Grrrl tapped me on Facebook to let me know about 52 Weeks of Mail, a challenge to send at least one card a week for a year, starting October 9th (this Sunday). It's sponsored by Etsy Greetings Team. Here's the FB Info blurb from their page:

"52 Weeks of Mail, brought to you by Etsy Greetings Team, is designed to encourage people to be more intentional about relationships and keeping in touch with friends and family by sending out a card or letter each week, for the next year. I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting a personal, hand-written card or letter in the mail.

"Throughout 52 Weeks of Mail, we are asking everyone to commit sending just ONE card or letter each week. You can send more than one, of course! 52 Weeks of Mail BEGINS on October 9th, 2011, and ends on October 7th, 2012. Please feel free to blog about this event, or share it on your Facebook page. Share it on Twitter, or any other social networking site too!"

What a wonderful idea! I'm totally on this like white on rice, like fur on a golden retriever, like a spine on a book, like ink on paper, like a stamp on an envelope, like...okay, I'll stop with the similes.

Are you on with me?

If you want to buy handmade cards or to encourage non-cardmaking friends to buy handmade cards on Etsy, here's the link.

But I expect most of you will, like me, make your own cards. What a fab incentive to use some stamps that have been gathering dust!


  1. I did this last year. I have a very ill cousin with cancer. She lives 1000 miles away so I wanted to let her know I love her and am thinking about her. At first it was hard, but became easy as the year progressed. Thankfully she is still with us and I plan on keeping up the one card a weak for as long as I have the privilege. Needless to say she LOVES it. She has kept them all and wants to make a book from them.

  2. LOVE this idea, susan!
    i'm in!!

    thanks for the inspiration.
    marty ferraro

  3. This is a great idea. Just what I need to get me to send some cards to people I keep thinking about.

  4. What a wonderful idea! I'm not sure that I can keep up with doing this every week, but I'm definitely going to give it a try!

  5. Susan, I love this idea! Thanks for making me aware of it. I have so many friends who are shut-ins, distant cousins, friends who have moved away. What a wonderful way to do something instead of just thinking about them. I will be trying to keep up with this.

  6. Love the idea of this, I'm going to give it a go, but not sure if I'll be able to maintain all 52 weeks!!!

  7. What a great idea -- good for the recipients, good for the crafter's soul, good for stash-busting! Maybe I'll give it a whirl -- time to stock up on stamps of the postal variety. ;)

  8. A great idea and it makes it easier that there are 12 upcoming birthdays on my calendar before the end of the year. I'll have to get to work on the others.

  9. I loved your inspiration for the gratitude challenge and I love this idea for mailing a weekly card as well. I blogged about it because I am going to do both!! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog every day!

  10. Love it! Gonna Do it!

  11. Brilliant idea - I'm going to try it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  12. I really hesitated over this. I love the idea, but wasn't sure I want to add more stress to my already full life by having an weekly commitment. I think the good outweighs the bad though, so I decided to give it a go.

    I never, ever get personal mail, and I imagine most of us don't. I hope this starts a trend, and who knows - maybe someone will be inspired and send a card to me!

    Sarah (kegbo)


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