Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping Track of Stamps

Please scroll down for today's card post. I'm rather fond of it!

Persistent reader Carolyn has asked me to discuss how I keep track of stamps using a stamp inventory.

I, um...mumble, mumble...

Well, uh, pfft, brrr, snodgrass, elephant...


Truth is, the Great September Stamp Purge rendered the system that I had, imperfect and unsatisfactory as it was, completely useless.

What I will do--just for you, Carolyn--is suggest a few systems for organizing a stamp inventory. Because really, I just love that sort of thing. Yes, I'm obsessive. No, that's not always a bad thing.

Ask and ye shall receive. By the end of the week.


  1. Yeah! *happy dance & clapping*
    I did a small purge and rediscovered some stamps, so it wasn't as large as I had intended. ;)
    I'm still hoping to organize differently so I can see what I have quicker.
    I love the card from your previous post!

  2. Purge? I know not of this word. :P

  3. I'm a day behind reading your blog, Susan, but I caught a glimpse of words refering to some methods of organization. Be still my heart!! I'm so excited and grateful, but I must sleep now and awake refreshed later Wed morning so my brain will be ready to absorb all of your ideas. Bless you for your kindness and willingness to share your ideas. Thank you so much.
    Until later...


  4. I have a sort of system.

    Wooden ones are stored on thin shelves on my studio wall (so easy to see). They are arranged in 5 major groups : kids stuff (people, bears, fairies,etc), Christmas, Flowers, Words, and the last big space has backgrounds, flourishes, and sea. Each stamp has it's place and I know where they are!

    Cling and clear are in 2 shoe boxes next to me on my table. There are tabs to sort : flowers, patterns, mixed messages (pictures and word sets), words, alphabets and Christmas.

    I once started creating an inventory, but as you say, very boring! So I gave up!

    And I'm happy.

  5. I love that you say "splunge" when you don't have an answer. Nobody ever catches the reference when I do it. Thank you for your musings and the inspiration!


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