Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our HERO!!!!

Okay, Jennifer's husband is our hero!!! He kicked the hackers out in under ten minutes. Jennifer has a few things to clean up, and the challenge will be good to go.


  1. Well done, that man!! I tried to get into the blog this morning and found that it was hacked - what a pity people like this have nothing better to put their talents to x

  2. Hooray for Mr. Styles! We totally owe him a pint.

  3. I`ve just tried to log in again but my security software is telling me not to. Makes you wonder what these sad little people get out of it.
    Lynne xxx

  4. Thumbs up to him!!!
    I still fail to see what these hackers get out of the deal by doing this, yikes, don't they have a traffic to play in??? LOL
    lotsa luv

  5. i failed to get the blog too, the whole thing does make one cry, such a bad use of resources, ones talent, ones mind ones time....

  6. hooray for jennifer's husband!! it totally freaked me out this morning when i went to her blog and saw that she had been hacked! shame on those people!!


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