Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OLW67 Is On Hold

Jennifer's blog is being hacked, and until she gets the mess straightened out, the One-Layer Wednesday challenge is on hold.

Wouldn't this world be a wonderful place if the people who put their energy into hacking used their talents for good and not evil?

UPDATE: Jennifer's darling husband, whom we now all love and adore, defeated the hackers. The challenge should be up later this afternoon.


  1. I have to agree. I hope Jennifer gets her blog sorted out soon. It is so frustrating.

  2. OMG.. this is so annoying.. Why do people do such things.. I wonder...!!

  3. OMG - why hack a blog? I just don't see the point, its not like we're linked to the pentagon or anything. Hope she gets it sorted soon.

  4. I noticed this this morning when I tried to log on. Why would anyone want to hack into a craft blog? Daft!
    Lynne xxx

  5. I have a special place for hackers and it's not a nice one LOL! Hope her issues get cleared up quickly.


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