Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Man Who Put Me in a Food Coma

I love my husband. He cooks. He loves to cook. He wishes he were an Iron Chef. So when food-centric holidays roll around, he gets his apron on and cooks. For Independence Day, he made the following:

  1. smoked baby-back pork ribs
  2. spice-rubbed and smoked baby-back pork ribs
  3. spice-rubbed (different spices) and smoked beef ribs
  4. three-cheese macaroni and cheese
  5. coleslaw

I made a peach cobbler because he ran out of time.

And now that we have eaten, I am in pain. So much pain. And I didn't touch the beef ribs because they were really fatty, and I didn't put ice cream on my cobbler because I'm from North Carolina and it's a sin in North Carolina to put ice cream on cobbler or apple pie.

At least it was in my family. And no one I was allowed to associate with put ice cream on their dessert either, except the Yankees who were lucky enough to live in the South and who, bless their hearts, didn't know better.

George puts ice cream on almost every dessert he eats.

It's a good thing I'm tolerant of sinners. And Yankees.

So why is it that I want to give him this card right now and not as a surprise in his lunch box next week?

I have no idea.

What did you eat Wednesday? Share your menu even if you're not American and didn't celebrate the birth of your nation by eating meat grilled on open flame, as we Americans are wont to do.

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  1. Your hubby and mine need to have a cook off LOL! He LOVES to cook too, watches cooking shows Saturday afternoon, loves watching the Food Network and can cook just about anything. Blessed my kids are because I do not like to cook and am not good at it unless it is breakfast, a salad or dessert - aka: no main courses (okay, I can do stir fries and chicken LOL)

    For our anniversary, which also happens to be Canada Day (July 1st) hubby cooked halibut in philo pastry with dill, halibut fish and chips, pecan encrusted salmon, vinegar and honey glazed salmon, beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, stroganoff (sp?) made for the trimmings of the tenderloin and a mango/halibut ceviche. Yes, we were all very spoilled, to say the least!!

  2. Looks like I am the third lucky gal. I do not cook, but DH loves to cook. Watches all the shows, reads all the magazines, you name it. For dinner tonight, my daughters wanted things on sticks, and he is such a sweetie, that he complied--skewers of grilled beef, skewers of veggies, fresh tomato salad, corn on the cob. I am always in charge of dessert, and tonight it was s'mores. P.S. I love your card.

  3. It was WAY too stinkin' hot to go anywhere near a grill or stove...we had Domino's pizza for dinner & Magnum ice cream bars for dessert (if you've never tried them, seriously, what are you waiting for? Double caramel is HEAVEN. For real.).

    Love your sweet card! Wish I could get hubby to do more than the occasional grill!

  4. No open flames of any kind in our city--the mountain is burning down!
    So I had homemade granola and milk. It was a cop out but hey I'm watching a season of 24!!

  5. Whoa, thatsa lotta ribs and smokey! How nice to have a DH who likes to cook! My late husband wasn't big on grilling but he could make any steak in a pan or under the broiler that was melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Oh, and scalloped potatoes, too. :) Today the heat index temp was 105 w/about 50% humidity. Because of the intense heat, we opted to "grill" our meats inside. We had our traditional hamburgers and hotdogs, and tried "Smart Chicken" brats instead of beef/pork brats. They were excellent! We also had the usual, delicious assortment of salads, sides and baked beans. For dessert we usually have something with the first of the sweet, summer strawberries. This year we had chef made pecan pie (Dad is from AL and he loves it), soft and chewy oatmeal/raisin/cinnamon cookies, and of course ice cream treats were plentiful. We had a wonderfully fun day. The heat was still pretty intense about the time the fireworks were starting so we watched them through the dining room French doors instead of going outdoors. They were spectacular and rocked the house. Glad you and your family had a good day, too. :) It's been interesting to read about other people's birthday party. Glad you asked. Gabby

  6. Ooops! I forgot to mention that I like your card. The pink plaid circle makes an awesome tree. Love the heart and sentiment, too. Hope you gave it to him now. :)

  7. we cooked a frozen pizza and ate it in AC while watching the news. this is what old people do.

    no ICE cream on pie?????? oh dear.

    love the card

  8. Thank goodness Joan B defended ice cream on pie (and heaven forbid cobbler!) because this born and bred girl from New Jersey - yes New Jersey, not Jersey - loves loves loves her ice cream. Plain and on most desserts.
    And, of course I love your card too. You inspire me to get rid of all the layers and just go simple.
    Pat J

  9. The pie is SOOOOOO much better with ice cream in South Dakota. I posted one of my meals on Instagram under Rehoco. If the link does not work, it was corn on the cob, homegrown cucumbers, potato salad and grilled Pork burgers with sun dried tomatoes, basil and onion.

  10. I knew the ice cream on pie/cobbler would provoke strong emotions! George feels strongly that cobbler CANNOT be eaten without ice cream. He's from Minnesota. Sigh.

    Brenda, we used to live in Rapid City, and everyone there puts ice cream on pie. Your dinner looked scrumptious!

  11. Way, way too hot to stand on the back patio in the sun and BBQ, so we had meat and cheese ravioli and chopped salad...simple, but oh so good!

  12. Your Hubby sounds like mine.
    We had Bar-B-Que Pork Ribs, Home made Beer Batter Onion Rings, Home Made Potato Salad and Tomato Pie. I'm suffering today. I'm not eating for a week. We did have a light dessert of Sunshine cake with Whipped topping. Can you say stuffed? Still!!!

    I laughed so hard reading your post as It's close to what I've been thinking.

    Have a great day and love your beautiful cards!

  13. We had grilled sirloin steaks, Italian sausage and peppers, corn on the cob, and home made sweet potato chips with sea salt and thyme. And yes, the man did the grilling!

    Susan, cobbler and ice cream are made to go together. I prefer my pie without ice cream, but a nice piece of cobbler is naked without ice cream.

  14. Loved your card. It would make a great anniversary, valentine, or special birthday card. Pretty! Loved your commentary, too, especially about the, bless their hearts, Yankees who didn't know any better. Here in the South (I'm in Charleston), it appears you can say anything you want, heave any insult, as long as it's preceded by "bless her heart," as in "bless her heart, she's dumb as a post." Or "bless his heart, that baby sure is a whiner." I'm originally from MI, and this concept really threw me for a loop when we moved here. Now it's just funny.

  15. We had grilled Brats and potato salad with Dutch Crumb Apple pie (thank you Mrs. Smith)....WITH vanilla ice cream on top!!! Dutch crumb pie DEMANDS ice cream. But then again, I am, bless my heart, a transplanted Yankee in North Carolina.

  16. I love your card, and have had so much fun reading the food comments. We went to a friend's and had beer butt chicken, hot potato salad (a 1st. for me), mac salad, watermelon, and homemade whoopie pies for dessert. Walked home and went straight to bed! Great day with good friends.

  17. LOL! Bless my heart, I just love planting my tongue firmly in my cheek!

    And Sue, when I was growing up in Charlotte, "bless his/her heart" was sincere. As in "bless her heart, she's got quite a struggle ahead." It wasn't until I met people from other areas of the south that I picked up on the back-handed use of it. Now, the phrase is just fun to play with, especially when people's behavior matters not a bit in the grand scheme of things.

    To ice cream? Or not to ice cream? That is the question. Heavy stuff, no?


  18. Love the card! My hubby is also an iron chef wannabe:) I'm so lucky. We are at the Oregon coast for a few days, so seafood is on our menu every night. Last night we had shrimp cocktails, salad, steamed clams, garlic bread and mixed berries on citrus shortcake. Then we watched fireworks on the beach. It was a great 4th!

  19. Mmmm, sounds delicious! Your card is darling as well. We went to the neighbors where we ate grilled double smoked sausages, homemade deep-fried frenchfries, tuna pasta salad with red onions and peas, and a quinoa salad. For dessert, we made s'mores, when we could get the toasted marshmallows from the three crazy little girls that were running the backyard!

  20. Since I am Tarheel born and Tarheel bred (and when I die, I'll be Tarheel dead), I say to Mary: You weren't born here, but you got here just as fast as your could.

    And I can't picture in my mind "a piece of cobbler;" a bowl, maybe? LOL

    (Please don't take offense anyone; this is all meant in fun.)

    And Susan, I think you should give George the card now, and make another for him next week!

    My 4th will be celebrated this weekend with lots and lots of BBQ, beans and beer (not necessarily in that order). With a DJ, cornholing, and a regatta of floating devices on the New River. Some outlandish vessels, with a contest for bragging rights until next year.

  21. It was way too hot here to stand over a grill... not to mention that there are fires all over the state so grilling just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do at the moment. We had a surprise delivery of some building materials that were left in the wrong place so after moving those in the heat, we just collapsed with a yummy sub and didn't even have dessert. My husband does like to cook, though when he has the time. He does great ribs and lots of other things. We've been dieting, though so we're trying not to give food the importance it used to have in our lives. (What a drag!) Oh... and I don't eat ice cream on my cobbler... my mother used to mix up a milk and spice (nutmeg, I think and maybe cinnamon) mixture to pour over her warm peach cobbler and it was soooo good. I do, however like ice cream with my fruit pie... not that I eat fruit pie very often at all... but I have to have ice cream or a glass of milk with it when I do.

  22. Love your card for your hubby! I was lucky we went to a family cookout. So no standing over the grill.. just watching and laughing at the intensity of all the men over seeing the perfection of cooking meat. But I did my fair share of nibbling. We had Hamburgers,hot dogs and brats. Pasta salads,coleslaw, potato salad, Broccoli salad, tuna salad, garden salad, homemade cheese bread, Every kind of snack chip, strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles, 4 types of brownies, cupcakes, ice cream cake and USA birthday cake. Finally cherry cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top. For some reason us Yankees (Michigan Bred)love the hot and cold combo for some
    Still in a food coma!

  23. Being Canadian, we celebrated our nations's birthday on Sunday - had our kids home for the w/e (celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary too), so they did the grilling and cooking! They served us steak and honey-garlic sausages, grilled veggies, bean salad...and some other stuff that I've already forgotten. Topped it off with patriotic ice cream - vanilla with the center tinted to look like a red maple leaf. Yummy! Finished off the evening with fireworks (and everyone except me found room for a hotdog and soda!)

  24. Love your card today! That tree is too cute.

    I live in NJ, transplanted from VA by marriage. In my hometown, we loved a scoop of vanilla, preferably homemade, on our pie or cobbler. "Bless your heart" was usually sincere, not backhanded, although I once heard a funny story about a pot luck wedding reception in NC where the best man brought a bag of potato chips. "Bless his heart, it was the least he could do."

    Fourth of July menu here: burgers and hot dogs, homemade potato salad, four bean salad, and devilled eggs, with a red, white and blue trifle and watermelon for dessert.

  25. for the first time in my whole life we didn't have potato salad,baked beans & something on the grill. we got chinese take-out.

  26. My hubby is the main cooker in my home, yipeeee! Yesterday it was burgers and pasta salad, really wanted ribs but we both worked and didn't home until 8.

    My girlfriend and her hubby are from North Dakota, he loves to put milk on his cake . . . . I did give it a try one time but not my cup of tea.

  27. Well, I'm not from NC, but I am a Southern girl (Mississippi bred and now a Texas transplant)and we love our ice cream on a piece of pie and a bowl of cobbler. LOL I also have a cooking husband. He's retired and I'm still working, and my supper is on the table when I get home. Our Fourth of July meal was a fish fry at church. As always, loved your card. Linda T.

  28. Dinner on the 4th was leftover birthday pizza from the 3rd and then tons of appetizers with a bunch of friends followed by ice cream and cake after the fireworks. Junk food galore! Love your all your cards. Also like your new avatar!

  29. I'm late to the party, but I'd like to share anyway...we were visiting in Omaha and decided to give our daughter and son-in-law a break from cooking either inside or out in the near 100 degree heat. We had KFC take-out chicken, fresh corn on the cob, baked beans and biscuits with watermelon and red, white and blue cupcakes for dessert. The cupcakes were decorated heavily with sprinkles put on by the grandkids! It was all great. As for the cobbler/pie with or without ice cream issue, both my husband and I(both raised in the midwest)prefer ours accompanied by ice cream. On a recent trip to Ireland, however, we had a wonderful apple crumble served with a warm, soft custard. It's a delicious combination I'll be trying to duplicate at home!

  30. You are temptation personified.. Wish my bday was nearer. oh no. then I'll be a year older.. !! :)

    Gorgeous card

  31. This post CRACKED ME UP! I'm a southerner by birth and upbringing and put ice cream on everything. Maybe somewhere in my genes there was northern DNA that snuck in somehow. =) Thanks for the chuckle and loving all your CAS cards. You teach me more than you know.


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