Friday, July 6, 2012

More Butterflies

Here's another effort in restocking my stash. Not only have I run out of sympathy cards, but I'm down to just a few thank you cards. Fortunately, I send many more thank you notes than sympathy cards, and thank yous are much easier to make.

This one is sort of a modernist, minimalist riff on naturalist, artsy insect prints, sort of like THIS.

Maybe I'm riffin' in my dreams, though. Oh well. I like my version. It looks like I made it (even though the stamps are by Papertrey!).

Once again, I'm loving Memento's three shades of orange. I looked at Hero Arts' inks, which use the three-shade idea, which is quite brilliant. Sadly, the Hero Hues only come in full-size pads for $6.99 each. To get them all would cost more than I care to pay (considering how many ink pads I already have...oy!), plus I don't have anywhere to put them all. Perhaps I'll fill in some gaps in Memento's colors with them, though. Or is that really necessary and just my caving to our consumerist culture when really I should be perfectly happy with the gazillion inkpads I already have?

Oh, the first-world problems I have! Don't you feel sorry for me?

stamps: PTI Beautiful Butterflies
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: rhinestones


  1. Again, your wit is so refreshing, Susan. I don't believe I own any orange inks. Your card makes me wish for some.

  2. Love he idea of 3 shades of ink - will have to search over here for those wee Memento pads...Great card.
    Can you send some sunshine over to the U.K. Please....pretty please....we are fed up with rain and in England they are literally swamped, flooded and cleaning out their homes - some have to move out for at least 6 months....we are so fortunate to only have rain and not floods.

  3. Down to the orange rhinestones, I like your butterfly card, Susan! It is difficult to resist the temptation to buy all the new, scrumptious colored ink pads. My organizers cannot hold anymore so until I "lose" some of the colors I have, I'll have to continue to resist. )

  4. Now I crave something citrus! This has a gorgeous layout and design. ;)

  5. Great card! I'm still hoping to find the new Memento ink colors locally. You must have one of the largest Michaels near you to have found them there. I've checked 2 of my my local Michaels and have only been able to get one set of the Dew Drops in the new colors. So, now I at least have the Gray Flannel, Teal Zeal, Elderberry and Nautical Blue. I look forward to getting Morocco and several of the other new colors.

  6. I totally share your first world problems - having just the wrong shade of ink feels like the end of the world some days! M x

  7. Oh I ADORE this [perfectly] balanced card. [Yeah, haven't tried your fab tutorial yet....] Don't even get me started on inks and I just ordered ALL the new Memento colors~ seriously scary the amount of inks I have...seriously scary. :)

  8. ok.. I have to..have to.. have to have this stamp set. Wish PTI's international shipping was cheaper


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