Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Cards We Received and Jonah News

First, the Jonah news. Tests came back positive for RSV. As Jonah is four and has asthma, this was scary, but the doctors appear to have it all under control, and Jonah is recovering, though still in the hospital. Please continue prayers as he's not fully recovered yet and this has delayed chemo. But here's his smiling face!

And now for Christmas cards. Many of you sent me hand-made Christmas cards, and I want to share your lovely work with the world to say thank you for taking the time--and making the effort--to brighten my family's Christmas. Some people sent store-bought cards, which we were equally grateful to receive! Overall, we saw a significant decrease in cards we received this year from family and friends, which makes the efforts made by people who don't even know us in real life even more appreciated.

The beautiful cards we received this year...

Patti J.




Karen D.






Sue C.




Janet...the outside

Janet...the gorgeous inside!




Don't you just love the variety of styles and colors and techniques? There is amazing inspiration in this collection! Thank you all for sharing your talent with me and my family.

And here's a final gift I received from Audrie that is just pretty as can be.

set of 4 cards and envelopes, all tied up with a bow

accompanying card

Audrie is so generous. It seems like several times a year she sends me little things...and sometimes, not-so-little things! Whatever she sends is either gorgeous or useful or both. Thank you, Audrie, for being such a bright spot on the internet and in my life.

And thank you, each and every one, for reading my blogs, for encouraging me, for putting up with my occasional absences or delays in posting. I appreciate you more than you can know.


  1. Good news about Jonah starting to feel better. Wishing him the very best and will be in my prayers for a quick recovery.

    My goodness; such a beautiful array of cards you received. Each one just as lovely as the next.

    Wishing you a wonderful and enjoyable day

  2. My goodness, what a difference in today's photo - very relieved to hear that the Drs' have Jonah's RSV under control.

    How lovely that you took the time to post all those beautiful cards, Susan :)

  3. Susan, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog...from your beautiful cards, to your words of wisdom, and, most important of all, to your warped sense of humor.

    Warm regards from Elaine in snowy Ontario, Canada.

  4. Thanks for sharing the good news about Jonah. I'm glad you liked my card. I loved yours.

  5. :-) I love seeing my card in this line-up! What a lovely collection of greetings you received!

  6. well I am late to the game, as usual, but wanted to find out if I could still send a card?
    I am having such problems with the blogs I'm following - thought I was one of your followers, but saw I wasn't listed. joined back up again! wooo hooo! :)

    enjoy your weekend!

  7. Jennifer, it's not too late! People are still sending cards! Send the card to Jonah, c/o Susan Raihala, 7430 Waterway Dr., Waynesville, OH 45068. I deliver a batch every week to their house.

    1. wooo hooooo! I'll try to get some made and mailed. :)


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