Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On Butterfly Farts and Snow Days

Before I tackle the subjects of the title of tonight's post, allow me to thank all of you who have sent cards and packages to Jonah! To date, 94 people have sent items, and I will be delivering 17 pieces of mail tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

And now for butterfly farts.

The stamper's dilemma is showing movement on a two-dimensional surface. How do you indicate that a creature, let's say a butterfly, is flitting about? One way is to have a trail of dots or a flourish coming out of its butt to show where it has been.

But this looks for all the world like a butterfly fart.

Perhaps it's simply better for the butterfly to sit on a branch or something. I'm really not sure I can send these cards to anyone except as a joke. As one of my husband's flight instructors said, "It was a good idea that shouldn't have seen the light of day."

And now for snow days.

Our children had yesterday and today off school for dangerously low temperatures. Our icy roads were bad enough (especially yesterday), but having children wait outside for a bus in the dark at -8 degrees F with a wind chill of -30 and wind gusts to 35 miles per hour is, well, not entirely safe. Tomorrow morning's forecast is 7 degrees above zero, so we fully expected them to be back at school.

Turns out frigid temperatures caused pipes in the sprinkler systems in two of our district buildings to burst. Damage in the high school appears to be minimal, but Jack's elementary school, which is attended by about 1,200 students, had more extensive damage and will be closed tomorrow.

This means Nick, who attends the junior high, will have school, but Jack will have yet another day off.

I give you one guess as to Nick's feelings on this subject.

Alas, life is not fair.

But what a blessing that we can all laugh about butterfly farts.

stamps: Papertrey Ink Beautiful Butterflies, Clearly Besotted With a Flourish
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey Ink white
accessories: Corner Chomper


  1. You have totally cracked me up, Susan. Butterfly farts, indeed...Aside from that, I really like the delicate swirl embracing the sentiment.

  2. I will never look at butterfly swirls again, without thinking of this post! Butterfly farts is a great description! Thanks for the giggle (now and future).
    And here's to warmer weather!

  3. You really made me laugh!! I love it!

  4. A blessing indeed, Susan ... to chuckle at this and so many of your posts ... and to learn so much too. Nature lesson today ... butterflies have farts!! Anita :)

  5. Thanks for the chuckle! I would take a handmade butterfly fart any day. LOL

  6. Something tells me that butterfly farts are soft and delicate and have a fresh spring scent to them. That's not at all bad. Tee hee.

  7. Oh my gosh! You are such a hoot! "Butterfly farts" just cracked me up; never thought of it quite that way... Now that's all I can see! Still, pretty cards, and if the recipient didn't know about bfs, they'd just think it was flutter! Bev

  8. This post ranks right up there with your post about pear stamps. I will never look at them the same way again. Reminds me of this You Tube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MarNBaD6p9o

  9. Too funny ~ your title post got my curiosity up and wasn't quite sure what to expect as I scrolled down. You are the queen of one-layer cards, Susan, and these are no exception…even if you refer to them as butterfly farts. : )

  10. I feel Nick's pain! Just arrived back from Cuba and had to go back to work on my Monday morning, while my hubby got to lounge arounge in PJs because his school was closed. Poor me, right?!

    I like to pierce a dotted line as a butterfly trail. Is that less "fart-like"?

    1. Piercing does seem less fart-like, doesn't it? It's the vapor-like appearance of swirls that does me in.

      My sympathy on your unfair return to work.

  11. I also agree with tala1947's comment. First a pear, now these action lines from a butterfly - what else do you have up your sleeve that will change how I look at things?


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