Saturday, January 4, 2014

What to Do with Washi, Part 3

First of all, let me say that the first One-Layer Simplicity Challenge is getting off to an amazing start. If you haven't checked it out or participated yet, I encourage you to click HERE! Remember that you can link to entries all the way through the 24th of the's no longer just a weekly challenge!

And now for part 3 of our Washi Tape series, in which we will modify tape to suit our needs.

The royal "we." I'm owning it.

We saw this card in the Winter issue of Take Ten. It's a wonderfully artsy card by Kim Ross.

We particularly loved the double layer of washi tape and the bling, so we simplified Kim's card a bit. Here's our first attempt.

We overlapped the washi tape and didn't care for the effect. Also, the bling doesn't quite work, either...too close together, too bold, and it sort of randomly stops. Note how Kim's bling covers about 1/3 of the top layer of washi and forces the eye to move around nicely. Our bling, not so much.

Our card is not terrible, but it's not our best effort, either.

Hmm. That royal "we" feels a wee bit snobbish. Let's get back to the commoner "I." So much less pretentious! Besides, it's been centuries, perhaps a whole millennium, since my family held royal title.

I simplified Kim's design even further and came up with one that looks like I made it.

This is so much cleaner and simpler, crisp yet casual.  To make the strips of washi tape narrower, I stuck lengths of it down on wax paper, cut using a quilting ruler and craft knife, and then peeled the strips up to place on the card.

As you can see, the teal strip is thicker than the light blue strip...on purpose. The thicker, darker, heavier strip forms the base of the design, then the thinner, lighter shade, then the stamped sentiment.

Looks a mess, I know, but it works perfectly. If you have a really clean cutting mat, you could use it, but mine isn't too clean. It's quite old and cut up. The wax paper at least gives a dust- and dirt-free surface to adhere the washi tape to.

Tomorrow we'll see one more CAS trick for using washi!

stamps: various
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: Washi tape, rhinestones, flower punch, glue pen, wax paper, craft knife, quilting ruler


  1. These are great. I must say that you're tempting me to purchase some Washi!

  2. Thank you for the lovely tutorial and instructions. Not only are they clear but they are simply put and amusing to read. Not so easy to achieve but it makes you a great teacher. I have a few (ahem, probably add a few to the few) rolls of washi and I have used it a bit but this gives me three new ways to use it in a more sophisticated way. I used it on some tags for Christmas and while it was OK, it did not set me aflame like your work does. Always lust after your work! Thanks.

  3. Your second card really wows me. Thanks for the tip on using wax paper to trim the Washi. Just wanted to mention that there are also stamp sets that mimic Washi tape. I have one made by Close to My Heart.

  4. I'm loving the Susan card. I didn't dislike your first attempt but it wasn't hitting the mark.

  5. I just have to say it, I liked BOTH cards! But, okay the second one was really great...
    Bottom line, I would love getting either of those in my mailbox. You are the best!

  6. Oo oo. I like the wax paper tip. Thank you for that! Love your take on the card too. The second one.

  7. Very nice! I'm enjoying your washi examples. But still not tempted to buy it.

    1. GOOD!!! You can use these techniques with patterned paper or stamped paper. There are several stamp sets that simulate washi tape (Hero Arts has one I like). I'm a big believer in resisting trends if it doesn't seem like something you want to do. I caved on this one only after seeing it on a large number of CAS cards that I liked. Like I said, the first time around, it just frustrated me.

  8. I bet you feel quite satisfied knowing you have mastered the use of washi ;) -- I really like the bright washi you are using -- who's is it?

    1. Most of my rolls are Scotch Office Depot or Target.

  9. Wow, Susan, so excited to see my card as one of your "inspirations"! I love your takes on it, and I'm loving the idea you shared about cutting some washi tape to size.

    I love your blog and am a long-time subscriber! :) **HUGS**

  10. Thank YOU, Kim, for publishing such a wonderful card and source of inspiration!

  11. I prefer the 2nd one, easier on the eyes. This blog is one of my " must check" regularly for stamping/creating inspiration and good information,.
    Your "Questioning my Intelligence" blog can be thought provoking, educational & inspirational in another vein.

  12. You can also stick the washi tape to your paper trimmer -- line it up and cut it.


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