Sunday, July 13, 2014

Minimalist Monday Thanks

When time's a crunch, minimalism is a stamper's best friend. Back in May, I needed to make thank-you cards for Jack's teachers and aides. I had purchased gifts for them, packaged simply but cutely, but I still needed cards, and the deadline snuck up on me.

Here's what I came up with in a pinch:

The stamps are from an old, limited-edition Thank You set from Clear and Simple Stamps. I just varied the colors of the "Thanks" stamp, made two of each color, rounded corners, and called it good.

Lots of tears shed as I wrote these thank-you notes. My younger son Jack was in Mrs. Kneeland's intervention class for two years (4th and 5th grades), and one of the aides was with him for both years. He also had to say good-bye to the OT who has been with him since kindergarten. These ladies have been with Jack through his hardest two years in school, and honestly, they are simply the best teacher, aide, and therapist imaginable.

Dang, I'm getting choked up. Y'all should have seen Jack's developmental pediatrician singing his praises a few weeks ago at his regular 6-month appointment. Six months ago, things were not so good. He's come so far, and against a lot of odds. He couldn't have done it without the amazing insight, knowledge, and patience of Mrs. Kneeland, Mrs. Garcia, and Mrs. Gleason. Love those ladies so much!

We'll still see Mrs. Kneeland as Jack plans to continue Special Olympics bowling, and Mrs. K is the coordinator. Yay!

Next year, he will be in a new building for school, exclusively for 6th grade. Love that our district gives the sixth grade a safe space to make that difficult transition between elementary school and junior high. I'm hopeful that he can continue with as much inclusion as possible, and that he enjoys being in the band playing trumpet. We're trying to prepare him with summer trumpet lessons, and he's having a blast! 

Anyway, the cards were simple, and the sentiments written inside were heartfelt.

Whom have you needed to thank lately?

stamps: Clear and Simple Stamps
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: not a single one

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  1. I really like the clean look of these. The pop of color is quite striking.


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